Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nightly Megathread #181

I ended up watching this video multiple times at Brony-Fest. Rather hilarious. Nonsense as usual, just beyond the break.

New Merch!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #212_2

Easter is a good time for all worshippers of Fluttershy... Yes, it was a good day for art. My heart has serious cavities now, but it's worth it.

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

And you can feel it if you tune into your radio
Look at the sky look at the moon look at the way it glow
I aint no ghost so dont be afraid to go
On this midnight vibe

This may take more than just an hour... But, none of these songs would leave you sour...

1. Claire Anne Carr Art of the Dress Rock! (Instrumental) Rock
2. Seventh Element Streets of Canterlot Darksynth
3. David Larsen ft. Mandopony Double Rainboom Soundtrack
4. JayB vs. Mane Six 2 4 6 8 (On Your Hooves) Trance
5. Macarou Spring at Sweet Apple Acres Ambient
6. Koroshi-Ya Rainbow 2.0 (feat. Meelz, Awkward Marina, Mic the Microphone & Replacer) Rap
7. Retrotype & Wasianstep 8-Bit Mysticism Dubstep
8. ViFFeX Mystery Mirror Ambient
9. Rev897 & Ponyvisation (ft. Amelia Bee) Snowdrop's Lullaby Soundtrack
10. EileMonty & Emi Double Rainboom Ending Theme Song Song Cover
12. Seventh Element Ponyville 1984 (album version) Synthpop
13. Radiarc Encounter on the Express Classical (Epic Orchestral)
14. Magnitude Zero Wingmares Drum & Bass (Trance)
15. Pony In A Music Box/MysteriousBronie L-Y-R-A Parody


Told you I ran out of headers... Gonna tweak and reuse it...

Have some comics.

[MLP]Smile! Smile! Smile! - Recreated in SFM

You want to know how I'm spending my Easter (besides sometimes glancing at Fluttershy bunny)? Watching this awesome SFM recreation of Smile Smile Smile... It's so good, that I think it's distracting me almost all day... (AKA I almost forgot to make a post about it...)

Click here or go pass the break to see this recreation for yourself... (Seriously, you got to see this...)

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #212_1

Kinda miss some bunny ears on Fluttershy's head... But she has a ribbon on her tail, that works perfectly fine.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nightly Megathread #180

Did you know that a Nightly Megathread never runs out of videos? Of course you do, this is #180, for Celestia's sake...

Tonight's is dedicated to all those that do send us videos specifically for these kinds of posts... with some extra videos on the side...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #211_2

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

I'm a gonna take off Lamborghini top off
Own line air head same color space off
Futuristic Lela Ralph Lauren, pilo
G4 takin' off every city we go

Do you want to know what I find funny... Tomorrow, I'll wake up looking at Fluttershy bunny...

(Orchestral music and more awaits your listening ears this hour...)

1. Legendary MLP:RPG - New Dawn Orchestral
2. UndreamedPanic Rainbow Dash - Feat. Rina Chan Complextro
3. Legendary MLP:RPG - Long Distance Orchestral (Alternative)
4. WolfOfSadness Totally Lost Cause Dubstep
5. Legendary MLP:RPG - Peaceful Moments Ambient
6. WoodenToaster Beyond Her Garden (Mush 80s Chillout mix) Chillout
7. Legendary Legends Box - Master & Apprentice Orchestral (Choir)
8. ArtAttack I've Got To Find A Way (AA Remix) Trap
9. TheDashDub Luna's Night Orchestral
10. Galaxyart Double Rainboom Credits Music (Cover) Song Cover*
*Avoiding spoilers in song genre

Poll Results: Snowdrop Rating

Well, I can honestly say that I did see these results coming (including that one person who thought Snowdrop was, indeed, the worse possible thing), so to make sure that this statement isn't as cliche as its going to end up being... 

I did think, at first, the name Snowdrop was referring to this song...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #211_1

If only the page was wider so I could have a larger preview of this...

Well, I probably skipped over a lot of actually proper art today. I had to rush, sorry. Consult the other art post elsewhere for the rest.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Nightly Megathread #179

Is it a little weird that I'm more impatient for Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix than with Season 4 of FiM? I think its because I'm spoiling myself by looking up KH/FiM crossovers on deviantART alot recently...

(Don't be too surprised if the Nightlies I do have headers like this one above... Just saying...)

Mashup With FPLOON (#MashupWithFPLOON)

Hold up! Hold up!
Big ring, big watch, crushed ice
Flo Juiceman
And I'm shinning like a street light

Whoa! I almost forgot about this... (The linked song lyric's title is almost fitting to me right now...)

1. TheDanielsaur This Dark World Aria (Mashup)
This almost slipped passed me... again...
2. MindlessGonzo Tropical Countdown (Mashup Demo)
I feel like Octavia right now... for this mashup...
3. DjR3xOfficial Party Like A Destruction Pony (Twitch and Cyrricky Mashup)
"Not bad... Not bad at all..." (First attempt mashup...)
4. MindlessGonzo Down With a Vampire (Mashup Demo)
Different melody... Same tone...
5. CyPony A True, True Veldt (A Mashup of MLP and Deadmau5)
House-ifying another Season 3 finale song... (Woop!)
Extra: szjdfgs Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida vs. Sherclop Pones - Sibling Troublemakers
Just got re-uploaded... on my end...

(That extra mashup is the main reason for this post's delay... Sorry about that, folks...)

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #210_2

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

Ok once you start no stoppin him
Can stop dem from jockin him
Braylen b da watch for him
Jupitor we spotted him

Music to soothe your listening beat... I'm going to get something to eat...
(If you count #2, then you really have an extra hour!)

1. PinkiePieSwear Flutterwonder (Shroo Liquid DnB Remix) Drum & Bass
2. Carbon Maestro Pony Empires Complete OST Orchestral, Instrumental, Vocal, Industrial, Electronic
3. Koroshi-Ya The Final Battle Rap
4. Delta Brony Pony Pokey (Pony Para Mix) Eurobeat
5. 174UDSI Cloud Diving With Rainbow Electronic
6. Andi & Adgee Magic Dance (Nicolas Dominique's Twilie Remix) Chill
7. Crystal Slave Desolation [Remastered] Piano (Alternative)
8. WoodenToaster and Mic the Microphone Nightmare Night (The Living Tombstone's Remix) Electronic (Heavy)
9. Ptepix Solar Orchestral
10. Daniel Ingram Raise This Barn (Counterwise Remix) House
11. daks Kataomoi no Karaage (Amakuchi Hime) House

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #210_1

Hmm, the bot didn't accept it... I'll do it myself then.

Have some art.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nightly Megathread #178

It looks like she's flying upstream if you look at it upside down.

Oh look! A NM made by Bob? Well that sure is a... *snicker* ...Rarity. Oh I crack myself up. 

Bob: Er... Sorry for usurping your NM day. *gulp*
FPLOON: Oh no... It's fine... You... should have warned me beforehand, but whatever...
Bob: *whew*
FPLOON: Also, that joke wasn't funny...
Bob: *gulp* I know...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #209_2

<generic src="desc_kwd\rd.txt" type="text" />

<generic src="br.txt" type="text" />


Do what that pony does.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #209_1

Magic doesn't look effective for thievery. It's like breaking into a house while holding a neon lamp and wearing a suit studded with LEDs.

As always, have some art.

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

To the top, my lyrics escalate
Accelerate and leave you panickin'
Take the ground from beneath your feet
Leave you Skywalkin' like Anakin

Swatteam: Hey! What happened to the mega music posts?
FPLOON: Well, If it takes more than an hour to listen to all of the music, then it's a mega music post... I guess...
Swatteam: Whatevers... I'm going back to bed...
FPLOON: But... It's...
*Swat went back to sleep*
FPLOON: *sighs* If you're still awake, then here's some music to pass the hour...

1. D1scordant Rarity Fights A Giant Crab (For some weird reason) Electronic
2. ClaireAnneCarr Winter Wrap Up Rock! (Instrumental) Rock
3. Freewave + Dreamsong Celestia's Ballad (Transformation Remix) Downtempo
4. Andi & Adgee Magic Dance (Thomas H. Remix) Chill
5. EileMontyVA I Am Octavia [Titanium Parody] Piano/Acoustic
6. ThatSonofaMitch & Stormwolf ft. MicTheMicrophone & ChiChi Harvest of Dreams (Ozzwald's Remix) Dubstep
7. Delta Brony Pinkie Pie's Welcome Song (Excitement Mix) Eurobeat
8. CommandSpry Calm Seas and Blue Skies (Daring Do) Orchestral
9. 3SPIRIT Crystal Heart Progressive House
10. Seventh Element Silent Ponyville (Dijital's piano arrange) Piano
11. Blaze & The Sixor Heart Of Jems Dubstep

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nightly Megathread #177

*a few hours ago*
Radiogenicpony: Okay... Who's going to do my Nightly?
FPLOON: *raises hand*
Radiogenicpony: Anyone? Hyper?
Hyperdudeman: *playing on 3DS*
Radiogenicpony: Sleep?
SleepToFade: Uh... I don't do Nighties...
FPLOON: *continues to raises hand*
Radiogenicpony: Anyone? Anyone at all?? *pauses and sighs* Fine, FPLOON... *under breathe* Gak...

Derp She Is!!

Yes... It is THAT reference... and yes, it was going to happen at some point... (If you don't get the reference, then now's the time to know...) Click here or go pass the break to see it for yourself...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #208_2

Almost forgot about this. Shame on me.
Also, I got an "exclusive" WIP sketch of Alasou's next work... It will be so awesome.

Art for your evening.

Rarity vs. Giant Crab

For some time now, there has been fan art of Rarity about to battle against a giant crab... It wasn't until I heard this battle theme for this fight that it got me thinking of the most simplest question that probably has a simple answer to go with it... Who would win in that fight? Rarity or the Giant Crab?

Then, as I thought harder on this subject, I thought up a few more questions...


Twilight reporting in. Comics acquired and secured.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #208_1

Cloudsdale sure is impressive like that. Hidden in thick clouds, only accessible to Pegasi, Griffons, ponies with steampunk aircraft, augmented ponies with glittery butterfly wings, Pinkiecopters...
Yeah, it used to be more exclusive.

First bunch of art for you today.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Nightly Megathread #176

*checks on personal post quota*
FPLOON: Huh... I wonder who got fired in the last 10 weeks...
*To be continued... in headcanon...*

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #207_2

Aaaand even more art. A couple of new drawings you might enjoy. Have a nice evening and a good night.

MLP Manga Coming

According to a flyer at the Tokyo International Anime Fair,  My Little Pony ~Tomodachi wa Mahō~ (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) has a manga coming. The manga will be in the children's magazine Pucchigumi, which is home to manga for several other children's series. Not much is known about the series, but its artists will be announced later this spring. Check out the article here.

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

Put it together himself, now the picture connects
Never asking for someone's help, or to get some respect
He's only focused on what he wrote, his will is beyond reach
And now it all unfolds, the skill of an artist

The Music Hour is here and right on the spot... You can listen to the songs in less than a hour on the dot...

1. Assertive Fluttershy Boooring! - Brony Party REMIX Electronic
2. RainSnowHail + RisenFromTheDust Mystery Cure House
3. Coconeru Awoken 100% Acapella Acapella
4. Blaze Fluttershy's Assertiveness (Blu3Mixed Remix) Drumstep
5. Retsnom Kcor The Machine Electronic (16-Bit?)
6. Eagle Heart Lucidity Ambient
7. Crystal Slave Fall Weather Friends Piano
8. RisenFromTheDust Rainbow Dash Beatboxing! (Feat. Rainbow Dash) Dance
9. Eurobeat Brony Discord (JCliC Remix) Techno
10. Errar404 CMC Anthem Progressive House
11. Sim Gretina Granny Smith Acoustic

Retro Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #1

eclipsed by *CosmicUnicorn
Welcome to a special Artsy. It doesn't feature the newest stuff, but honors the old.
The idea was uttered by HappyThoughts. Also, Eclipse gave me a long list of links which I used a good bunch of.

The first theme is: The old glory of Princess Luna and Princess Celestia

The way I want to present this to you is experimental... But if it works, you will see a collection of about 130 drawings, made before 2012. More information after the break...

Mashup With FPLOON (#MashupWithFPLOON)

I'm the man and I know that
I got cash, I'm talkin’ throwback
A hundred grand, what's that?
I hit the club and I blow that

All of today's mashups are just too good not to pass a listen or two... From Zelda to Catsgroove to our DD resident CHANG31ING, I'm not lying when I say that these mashups are amazing...

1. CHANG31ING Obsolete Diamonds
Rapping to the House...
2. TheDanielsaur Sailing the Great Sea for the Perfect Stallion (Mashup)
The title says it all...
3. Evost0rm [PSM] Swadonkagroove (VDJ Mashup)
Dancing with and to the SWAG...
4. TheDanielsaur Artsy Astral Dress Observatory (mashup)
Dress-making in the stars...
5. CHANG31ING Ballad of the Fly Shy
What a change in perspective...

(I'll save the next mashup post for Friday, maybe...)

Katie Cook on Micro-Series #3: Rarity

What? Something like news at DD? Heresy, I say.
No really, Comic Book Resources not only revealed the new cover art you see above, but also interviewed Katie Cook, writer of the Micro-Series #3: Rarity.
Questions about the premise of the story, her opinion on Rarity as a character and the Micro-Series, non-pony stuff and more.
And, by the way, it looks like Season 4 will have a Rarity episode.
Also, there's exclusive artwork, showing three pages of the book.

Find the artwork and possible-proof-of-Rarity-episode after the break and the interview in CBR's article.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #207_1

I'm sad now. Internet! Entertain me!
Have some recent art.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Nightly Megathread #175

*about 30 minutes ago from post time*
FPLOON: Computer, give me Nightly Megathread setup #175...
FPLOON's Computer: I am sorry, Master FPLOON... #175 has been deleted...
FPLOON's Computer: The source is unknown at this time...
FPLOON: Hmmmm... *thinking* Run backup #175...
FPLOON's Computer: Are you sure, master FPLOON?
FPLOON: DO IT!!! *pauses* We're running on fumes here... and not the good time...
FPLOON's Computer: As you wish, master FPLOON...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #206_2

Oh well, guess I can't have a full post every day. But ponyKillerX drew something new, so it's totally worth it.
Also, about that special post I announced for today. Yeah, I lied. But it's done now and scheduled for tomorrow because there's no time left today. My bad.

Have a little bit of art before the NM.

Big Mac knows all

Big Macintosh Consultation by ~RenaissanceBrony

Is your answer to this question nope? Nope. I mean, Eeyup. Wait, nope. Dagnabit....

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #206_1

Probably everyone of us can identify with that... Except for Mike. He can't.

New art for you. That "Two Artsys a day"-thing works surprisingly well so far... Thanks, guys.

Varied PMVs

Just playing Monster Hunter isn't enough for Rarity. She has to live it, too. A fair number of PMVs today. On a different note, having a personal intro to your PMV is OK, but 25 seconds is at least 5 times too long.

GoleanStarfire Fabulous Ashley Tisdale
Dubious Khan Pony Way You Want It Journey
TwilightHolmes91 When Can I See You Again? Owl City
TwilightHolmes91 Send Me An Angel Scorpions
Camsy34 Blackbird The Beatles
TheDanielsaur Indiana Sky Josh Garrel
TheRainbowDash20 Take It Back Just Surrender
*Content Waring For Everything Past Here*
Andy Reynolds Thrift Shop Macklemore
Kawaiicutiechan Die Young Ke$ha
TrollBerries Rumors Of My Demise... Rise Against

Comics + Equestria Inquirer

Header, header... Ah, this will do. Pretty sure I used this one already.

Anyway, have some comics which caught some dust here. I think they're still new in terms of posting...
Also, have the latest print issue of the Equestria Inquirer that deals with the pony pope. I didn't know they had something like that. With the goddesses being physically there and everything. Oh well.

Meanwhile at Hasbro...

Uh... I got nothing... (Enjoy...)

Equestria Girls - Politics

How about some ʎʇıuɐsuı in the morning? I know you want it...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nightly Megathread #174

*looks up from 3DS* What do you want? I'm playing Dark Moon. A Nightly? Fine. Here you go.

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

Now you can smell it when before you stepped in my lab
Make Dex go deaf when I'm bumpin in my lab
Huh? What? (pickypicky)
Talk about huh? What? What'd ya say?

It's no secret these songs are off the hook... If you don't believe me, then go take a look...

1. Legion On the Mark Progressive House
2. Aviators Constellations (Dj Gestap trance remix) Trance
3. Nicolas Dominique Make a Happy Winter Chillout
4. Caden L Welborn Equine Nocturne Orchestral
5. Carbon Maestro Super Smash Ponies: Hades (Stage Theme) Soundtrack (Orchestral)
6. Sim Gretina Lazy Applejack Acoustic
7. Risen Twilight Beatboxing (Feat. Rainbow Dash) Drum & Bass
8. Socratic Brony The Dream Walker Orchestral
9. Jeff Burgess The Sameling (Cover) Song Cover
10. Legendary Equestrian Space Vol 2 - Subconscious Dive Ambient*

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #205_2

I don't know who Shadow Kicker was, but my heartfelt sympathy to you, Princess.
Also, I've been a little lazy on the Happy Pony this time, but eh...
Also also, expect a special art post tomorrow in addition to the regular ones.

But for now, more awesome art that appeared since earlier today.

The best Animations you will see

If you could only view one thing online today, it needs to be this post. |go past the break please and see for yourself|

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #205_1

Discord really grew up lately... Fluttershy almost looks like a plushie.

New wave of art today. High quality, sketches, Derpy, Chrysalis smoking a shisha. We have everything.


*looks around*
Have some music, finally. I'll listen to #7 while waiting for #3's DL...

174UDSI True True Friend (174UDSI Remix) House
Among The Herd Crossing The Line Metalcore
Andi & AgileDash Magic Dance Vocal Slicing Trance
Delta Brony Smile Song (PinkieStep Remix) Dubstep
ElectroKaplosion Snowdrop (Original Song) Vocal Electro
Hangin' From A Cloud Casual Afternoon Skyswim Drum'n'Bass
PrinceWhateverer The Fight Within (Aviators Remix) Vocal Moombah-Metal
Seventh Element The Fabulous Stallion French House
Seventh Element The Terrible Two Electro House
sonofbelz Breaking the Chains Instrumental

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nightly Megathread #173

FPLOON? FPLOOON? H-hello? Did the ghosts get him? Or have I been playing Luigi's Mansion too much? Trick question, there's no such thing. Quick little Nightly just past here.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #204_2

Today was a good day for art...
So have another Artsy full of colors and magic and beautiful ponies. (hint, hint)
And lineart of Fluttershy being some kind of bird. Found that on a tumblr. *shrug*

Big Apple Ponycon YTPMV

As always on weekends, even the last of the mods left for the day. And since I have nothing serious to throw at you either, have this nice YTPMV instead.
Even though it's frequently used, I still like the looped Pinkie drums.

Game: Derp-legends

What another game? |head on down to play|

Tiny Animations

Simple, Sandwich Flash Doodle by: FluffPon Fullscreen
Lucyan Traval The World by: AVCHonline Fullscreen
Small AJ is troubled by: TigerPegasus Fullscreen
(ANIMAITON) Little Pinkie is sad by: TigerPegasus Fullscreen
(ANIMATION) Tiny Rainbow is depressed by: TigerPegasus Fullscreen
Hurricane Pinkie by: Yooyfull Fullscreen

Howza bouta animation post? |*points to below break*|

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #204_1

As you may or may not have noticed, there was supposed to be a second Artsy yesterday. Well... I fell asleep before I could make it. In my defense, though, it was about 3am.
So... I'm very sorry for any issues you may get with this post, but it's a large one again with 70 entries.
Be patient with the loading time and yell at me if you want to.

Also, since you asked for it, I lowered the bar so that more drawings will find their way in here.