Monday, January 28, 2013

Nightly Megathread #120

You're probably asking yourself why they aren't using magic. Obviously, it's more fun to use the more complicated approach.

Comics: PONIES!!! - 29/ Allons-y/ Friendship Is... Worth Fighting For

Fluttershy doesn't even appear in these commics? Even so.
Three new comics.
One is ridiculous, one is adventurous and one... autonomously re-evaluates your virtuousness.

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Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #151

I used to be alive, now I feel pathetic
And now I get it, what's done is done
You just leave it alone and don't regret it

Even though we had a new episode with other pairings, like Rainbow & Tank, there's still a surprising amount of new Fluttershy & Discord drawings. Can't beat that... Best villain and best pony.
Medium sized Artsy today. I don't feel like waiting any longer. Even EqD got theirs up and FPLOON stole my schedule.
So feel the déjà vu and...
...enjoy some art after the break.

Thorough Analyzation of "Keep Calm and Flutter On"

After browsing youtube for a while I came across DigibronyMLP's "thorough analyzation" of Keep Calm and Flutter On. It was refreshingly complex and well made, so I thought I'd share. Find it below!

PMV: Polypony [PonyDub]

Well, Swat would've made this post, but he's currently dead due to an overabundance of Pinkie.

This PMV is so great that it deserves a giant header in a solo post.
Rabies Bun made another one of his PonyDub videos. Needless to say, it's stunning.
Sliced pink vocals all the way to a catchy D'n'B song.
You know you want it. Find it here or watch the...

Embedded video after the break.

Mashup: Waiting for the Pwny Anthem/ Wingboner is Running Out (Scootaloose Mix)/ THE SEED (Babs Seed Remix)/ Past Life As We Know It/ Apologize Your Waifu

Get up on your feet, tear down the walls.
Catch a glimpse of the hollow world.
Snooping 'round will get you nowhere.
You're locked up in your mind...

We got a Archie V. mashup from s2jdfgs, a Brony mashup remix between DJPoniver and Omnipony by Scootaloose, a "non-mashup" mashup remix of Babs Seed by New Heaven, an Alex S. mashup from BobbyBronie, and an "obvious" Pony Waifu mashup also from s2jdfgs...

1. Archie V. vs. Jennifer Lopez - Waiting for the Pwny Anthem
2. Wingboner is Running Out (Scootaloose Mix)
3. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (MLP) Remix | THE SEED (Babs Seed Remix) by New Heaven
4. [Mashup] Past Life As We Know It
5. FiMFlamFilosophy vs. One Republic ft. Timbaland - Apologize Your Waifu

Music: The Shield is Collapsing/ Twilight Venture VI/ City in the Sky/ ViFFeX Loves RickSatan972

I know you're fond of music... Don't deny it and kiss already.
First we have an Orchestral piece of the Antipodes Soundtrack by MindKog that is going to be finished soon. Apparently.
Next is a new calming part of SherbetSix's Twilight Venture series. It's part VI already. I wonder how many there will be...
And then there is... Ermahgerd, it's Evening Star. Soothing piano and synths ahead.
As a bonus, have a ridiculous one. ViFFeX made a rewrite of the Ballad of the Crystal Empire. Dedicated to the famous RickSatan972. Seriously... Listen to it...

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PMV: Six/ Colors/ Flim Flam Jam (Unexpected Rhythms of Equestria - Ep.3)

We got three PMVs that are worth your viewing pleasure... We got two visually stunning PMVs (each in their own right) from BronyVids and DynamicSeagull and another episode of "Unexpected Rhythms of Equestria" from TheDanielsaur...

1. Six [PMV]
2. [Mini-PMV] Colors
3. Flim Flam Jam (Unexpected Rhythms of Equestria - Ep.3)

Why did no one tell me??

Let's Get Serious!

Yes... I am excited for the next Pokémon game(s)...

>Has two videos
>Tries to pull off a Mike
>Pony Shrug?

But, seriously, these two videos are worth the watching...

The first one is a sneak peak of the next Friendship is Witchcraft, which I'm pretty sure there are A LOT of you who have been waiting for the next episode... You know who you are... *points towards the obvious*

The second is the HotDiggedyDemon panel at ANIMATE! Miami... Hear the creator of the .MOV series answer questions, make jokes, and more... (May contain [some] language...)

(Each of these videos I saw twice before posting...)

Good Morning...

Okay... So, I was in the middle of setting up another mashup post for later today or something... and these three videos sort of stood out to me... The first video uses the standard "Anthology"-esque clipping (where I got every reference that was presented...), the second video is basically a three-way mashup with the original song and two different videos (one is a YTPMV), and the third video is basically a 40 minute mix of Brony music from TeiThePony to SoGreatandPowerful...

So, good morning and enjoy...

(Note: These videos were found while I was searching for mashups...)