Friday, October 19, 2012

Nightly Megathread #19

You can't fight that logic, you just can't!

So I put my hands up, they're playin' my song, the butterflies fly awa- OH JEEZ, hey  hows it going! I wasn't singing anything! You didn't hear that from me, nope no way, I'm too cool for a song like that! Haha aheehee ...Gah, just read the NM already!

Music: Sonic Breakfast - Sweet Revenge/Apple Country (Applejack's Theme) [Original]/"The Mare Enters" - Mare Do Well Theme Music Teaser/The Pink Masquerade Ball - DJ Luna

Nykkes, get in here!

This is a hotel? No: this is a music post. I am tired. good night and may the music resonate with your dreams. Actually, before I hit the hay, why do we put the names of the music up in the post name when we also put them in the post? I call redundancy shenanigans!

After the break:
  1. Sonic Breakfast - Sweet Revenge
  2. Apple Country (Applejack's Theme) [Original]
  3. "The Mare Enters" - Mare Do Well Theme Music Teaser
  4. The Pink Masquerade Ball - DJ Luna

SFM: The Gypsy Bard - Comparison Video/ oopsie.poop

It's been a while since I have posted any Source Filmmaker videos...
Head on over for some ponies... IN 3D!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #11

0. template93
The staff of EQM wishes Calpain a happy birthday!
See another edition of the AW-S after the break.

Comic Post #14: That's What She Said / Kindergarten days 11 / Prepare the Juice Boxes... THE HOODIES ARE COMING! / Cake Walk

Some kind of armor for armor purposes.
Shadowstalker Rainbow Dash by ~DARKNSS81

I'm back from a bit of a posting hiatus. School pops you in the face when you least expect it sometimes. Well that an PS All-Stars on mah PRAYSTATION VETA. Have some comicolares (my head canon for spanish "comics").

[Lasershow - Graphics] Good ol' Days

Today we have an awesome PMV animation. It is pretty wicked and is made with laser lights.
Go and watch it after the break!

Fanfic: Celestia's Bucket List


By: Brony2893

Princess Celestia will soon pass from this world into the next. She decides to do the things she's never had the chance to do. The list is easy, mostly activities she can do in a day's time. That is, except for one entry.

(Incomplete, but still worth reading!)

Cover image credit goes to Moonstone-Fox on Deviantart

Celestia's Bucket List

MLP:FIM #3 for January

The comic website "Bleeding Cool" has just released info of issue #3 on the upcoming FIM comics. The comic is due for release January 13, which would explain the awesome winter theme on the cover.
Go here for more info on the comic.

WARNING! SPOILER! Past the break is a summary of what issue #3 is about.

Music : Under the Night Sky / Andanté and Lt_Andrei / Discord Welcome Home

Got some more music for yah. Go listen it it after the break while I play some more Doom BFG.

1.) Kyoga - Under the Night Sky
2.) Andanté and Lt_Andrei (ft. MsIkarishipper) - Sensational
3.) Applejinx- Discord Welcome Home

MLP: Nightmare

Next, we have a really awesome trailer/animation of the return of Nightmare Moon. Definitely give it a watch after the break. It is pretty intense.

PMV: Out Of Reach/Rocky Horror Pony Show- Rose Tilts My World

Did you know boron-doped diamonds behave as wide-bandgap semiconductors and are blue? 

Some new PMV's after the break!

My Little Fortress 2 - Pinkie Spy

Slow day today, so have this TF2/MLP crossover with video from the upcoming new MLP episode.
                                                               WARNING!! SPOILERS!

Music : Under the Clouds / Pretty / Power Slipping / Sunrise / Hordes / Luna spaceport

Good morning everyone! Hope you slept well. Lets kick off the day with some music. Go ahead and listen to it after the break while I go make myself some coffee.

1.) Under the Clouds (Liquid DnB)
2.) Sim Gretina - Pretty
3.) zahqo - Power Slipping (feat. Haymaker)
4.) Peak Freak - Sunrise (Seeds of Kindness)
5.) Theraclese - Hordes
6.) Equestrian space - Luna spaceport ATMOPSHERE SCENE

Miniature Discussion post #3

Earlier today Sweetie Bot had the awkward experience of trying to explain the abbreviation EqM to a bunch of Youtube commenters. Currently EqM Stands for Equestria Megathreads. Megathreads were arbitrarily defined but typically long threads on EqD In which most of the mods here participated. This site was made originally so that EqD didn't have to be cluttered with megathreads. Since the term is an inside joke, the humor doesn't really transfer to wa broader audience well. And besides, having the Eq- in the abbreviation might give the subtle impression that the site is an EqD knockoff.

It was suggested in discussion amongst some of the mods that perhaps EqM is not the best name for this site, so we brainstormed a whole bunch of other potential names with various changes after the page break: