Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nightly Megathread #170 (Nightly Epicthread)

::GAME:: FALCON PUNCH by ~MushroomCookieBear
Click RD, see what happens.

Well it's that time of night again. and yes it is themed. |To guess the theme and win a prize go below the break|


Weather is in style
To keep the hope
We tread these waters, make our waves,
Yes we do

And this is the final "Music Hour" for today... Enjoy what this hour supplies you to play...

1. Resonantwaves Pipsqueak's Adrift Ambient
2. Koroshi-Ya My Little Dashie Rap
3. PinkiePieSwear Sunshine and Celery Stalks (AgileDash's Happy Hardcore Remix) Hardcore
4. Replacer Subterranean Pegasus Blues (Bob Dylan Cover) Alternative
5. MsIkarishipper Luna (Cover) Vocal Cover
6. Dracula9AntiChapel Winter Wrap-Up (X-Style) Chiptune (16-Bit)

(Music in your ears...)

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #201_2

Part 2. Well, I cheated a little bit on this one. But that's fine.
Have another bunch of... 36 drawings for your viewing pleasure.

Also, prepare...

Animation: Bookz

To be honest, I don't even know... Maybe Twilight reenacting Gollum?
Or maybe it's just a new age religion...
Also, Flutterguy.

Click the image... blah blah break.


It's her book and she's gonna EAT it! No, wait...

Whatever... Have some comics. Also thanks to twilicorn for sending the last one in.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #201_1

Well, let's try this...
Evaluating the feedback, I decided to split the art. One post before noon, one post sometime in the afternoon. So I truncated this one to 40 drawings + header + Happy Pony.
Unfortunately, just as I'm typing this, 6 new good drawings appeared. That always happens.

Enjoy the first Artsy for today and appreciate the awesome header.

Fluttershy Dance by *Heilos

Spoilers! A piece of animation from Double Rainboom!

No really, I just felt like posting this for no reason at all...
Let's just say it's supposed to brighten up your day.


Move away from your western guns
Travel towards eastern suns
Far above all earthly goals
A pledge for creation's soul

That's right... WE cannot keep our hands off the music on the first Music Hour of the day... Can you listen to them all in just one hour... if you're system of choice allows you to?

1. Panic Twilight Sparkle House/Dubstep
2. ClaireAnneCarr Giggle at the Ghostly Rock! (Instrumental Rock
3. WahPony Winter Wrap Up Rock
4. NomNom Melancholy Piano
5. Errar404 Sparkle(Original Mix) Progressive House
6. Joaftheloaf When Home's Lost Remastered Piano