Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nightly Megathread #95

Joseph Houser: Before you say anything... She is not hiding from finding out about Scary Movie 5...
FPLOON: *pauses* Huh... I thought it was because of World War Z...
Joseph Houser: Well, what ever she is hiding from (*wink*), I'm sure it cannot be found in this NM...

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Game: Pinkie Pie Has a Mustache

Pinkie is up to it again, she donned a mustache, and began launching AJ into Hornets nests. What are you going to do. |Quick spike, save her after the break| 

Artsy #111


Uh... Trig wanted me to use this as the header for the artsy but I haven't played Final Fantasy in so many years I've probably forgotten its significance. Perhaps someone can explain in the comments? Anyways more art after the break!

And once again, many thanks to SleepToFade. Not only for helping find so much content, but for being a great example of just how much commenters can contribute to/participate with this site.

Cindy Morrow Announced for Las Pagasus

Known for making writing many great episodes, Cindy will attend Las Pegasus as a guest of honor.

Super Smash Ponies Update

Super Smash Ponies has been developing like crazy these past few months. The game kinda snuck up on everyone to be honest. Find the press release here or after the break.

Mega Music Madness! (Mega Music Post #25)

Automator - defy the laws of nature
Electronic monolith throw a jam upon the disc
The futuristic looper with the quickness
Hyper-producin' hydrogen fusion liquids keep your distance

Ready to get funky?? If not, then it shouldn't matter since any of the music here will make you groove to the beat of the tune... or maybe that's just me jamming to the feels of the music... Whatever's the case, these musics need to be heard!!!

1. Gremlin - ParTAY! (MichauDotCom Remix)
2. Winter Wrap up - Acoustic Instrumental (Orchestral) Cover
3. Louder To The Yay (DJStrachAttack Dubstep Remix) - DJ Mattnew & DJ Party Cannon
4. {MLP:FiM} Evening Star - Blue Dreams
5. Fluttershy (Risen Remix)
6. Woody - Grey Octave (Nicolas Dominique Remix)
7. {Sori 52} TripleBlueShell - E55
8. Freewave Adores SGAP - Standard Model (Could Be Magic Mix) Non-PMV
9. My Sunset (Drum & Bass)
10. [SORI52] F3nning - Evil Enchantress
11. Aftermath - SoGreatandPowerful
12. Spectral Steps - Derpy and Carrot Top's Epic
13. Zykrath - Blessing From The Stars
14. Babs Seed - Marcus Morales
15. Doofcake - Timberwolves

Discussion/Random Megathread: OC Roulette

There are many great OCs out there, but we all have seen our share of OCs that are completely horrendous piles of crap, pardon my French. This is a problem, no? There is one thing that we must do: ADD TO THE PROBLEM! Want to help? Go check out the instructions after the break!

Thanks to TwilightIsMagic for the idea. (I've been saying thanks a lot lately)

Music: Silva Hound ft. Rina Chan - Hooves Up High/ Stick Around - Original MLP Song by MandoPony/ Mad Mares [Cover by EnchantedLocket]

We have two songs; an original song by MandoPony, a remix of a Siliva Hound song, and a cover . See them after the break.

  1. Silva Hound ft. Rina Chan - Hooves Up High
  2. Stick Around - Original MLP Song by MandoPony
  3.  Mad Mares [Cover by EnchantedLocket]

Comics: Jus de Muffin / Must 'Tache / Ask Pun Pony: Apple Cart / La-La Land / Aim for Perfection / Payback / The Academy Record

Incredibly Happy Twilight by *Foxy-Noxy

I'd hate to see Twilight when she's mad now. Is that her insane form or is insane form a different class of emotion entirely? Or maybe...

(Trig proceeds to go into a rambling of incoherent nonsense so voice of God advises you to skip ahead to the comics)

Music: Back from the Everfree/ Colors of Rainbows - Ponyhontas/ This Day Aria (Colt Version - bronyforchrist)/ Octavia Was Here

Don't slow down
Even if it's only to escape
Just down low now
Before somebody steals the place

A fitting instrumental for Fluttershy, a ponified Pocahontas song, a This Day Aria colt cover, and some house for Octavia...

1. Frickermints- Back from the Everfree
2. Colors of Rainbows - Ponyhontas
3. This Day Aria (Colt Version - bronyforchrist)
4. 3SPIRIT - Octavia Was Here

Comics: New Years Eve, Pinkie Pie Fireworks/ Unexpected Influence/ EqD Training Ground - Dragon Code Edition

Mo' comics. One is morbid, one is pure win, and one is just plain... doesn't make sense. See them after the break. I DARE YOU!

Thanks again to SleepToFade for submitting!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #110


Ugh... I'm so hungry... Need... PIE! (Not that one. It has Soarin's butt all over it.)

Thanks to SleepToFade for submitting a portion of the art!