Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nightly Megathread #35

So another late Nightly Megathread... well don't look at me... it's not my fault.
Go after the break for some NM goodness there may or may not be fires from all the running around and tripping over cords we've been doing...

Instrumental music: My Kingdom for a Horse / Wind in My Wings / Fluttershy's Dream

by ~PandaRamma

Instrumental music to calm you before bed, or make you go back to sleep (sorry), depending where you live. |sooth your nerves after the break|

Hub Reminder

The Hub's Twitter just posted this moments ago. I look shockingly similar to Spike right now... for better or for worse. Less than 7 days people! We can do it!

Music: Carbon Maestro - United Equestria / The Moon Rises / Someday

Well the time has come to cast a spell, a spell that breaks those chiming bells. But those chiming bells are not bells, but are songs of peace and- okay screw this, I have orchestral music, a cover of a Luna song, and (Place what next song is here) enjoy!

1.) Carbon Maestro - United Equestria (An Orchestral Soundtrack)
2.) The Moon Rises {By PonyPhonic} ~ EileMonty Cover
3.) Someday

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff # 31

RB is back in business and has an Artsy for you guys. They didn't wreck anything while I was gone, right?

Miniature Discussion post #14

For this discussion post I will explain an idea I've been brainstorming and ask you to evaluate it. For now it's purely hypothetical, since I'm a terrible coder. But I plan to make use of the college resources and learn, so it could be put into practice one day.

Ok, so what if a page could be added to this site that includes a list of links to all brony sites on the interwebs, with a brief description of each site associated with the link, and a system for autonomously flagging sites that have updated recently. The list could be searched with a search engine, and organized not only alphabetically, but in terms of update frequency or time since last update, or perhaps other things which can be suggested in the comments

With such a webpage, it could be possible to keep track of recent occurrences in a large percentage of the online community. And then we could increase the quality of posts that we post to the blog while ensuring that all else that occurs in the fandom is not left out because of our selection bias. In fact because stuff would be flagged automatically, news about updates/activities going on that we don't make posts about could actually be more punctual than our actual posts.

So what do you think? What are the strengths and weaknesses of such an application? What improvements would you suggest? How else might you go about creating a "bird's-eye-view" of the online community as a whole?

Babble With Bronies Episode 27

Babble with Bronies, an awesome talk-show, discussion based stream is going to be starting very soon! And apologies to the staff for not posting the previous two episodes they sent us. I hate you gmail. Find the stream here. I'll be checking out their show, so watch for me in the chat. Asserted information and synopsis of this week's episode found below.

If my timezone analysis is correct, I believe the stream will start in 5 minutes. Get in there!

Equestria L.A.

Guys, Equestria L.A. livestream is happening right now! Attack of the Writers panel is going on right now!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #30


So sweet, their nestled in and ready to go to bed... we can't have that! There's an art post happening right now! WAKE UP! All of you! It's time for art!

Wonkette Becomes 20% Cooler

I have long suspected that Wonkette had a few bronies amongst its ranks; interesting because the stereotype seems to be that bronies are relatively politics-averse. But yeah: a post on Wonkette just used a Rainbow Dash header recently. Make of it what you will, I suppose.

Pony/Tumbler Sauce

by ~nekoni-chan

And now for some Pony sauce, featuring tumblers... |after the break|

Random Convention Stuff

Everypony don your neuralizer glasses! The November 3rd preview never happened.

Today, There was supposed to be an early screening of the first episode of Season 3, episode one in NYC. Unfortunately New York City was hit pretty bad by that hurricane, and the early screening has been postponed (see recent comments). Still, they're going to see the premiere early at some point in the next week... so jelly.

As a substitute, since I probably won't be going to NYC any time soon, I went to a local meetup at my college, planned and put together by the 'WPI Bronies' facebook group, with some help from the Science Fiction Society. Some episodes were watched chronologically, and a few more were asked for.  There was some card trading, some displays of collections much bigger than mine (again, so jelly) Lots of lols were had, and I even announced this blog to them between two of the episodes. I took a few pictures, which turned out pretty good despite how dark it was. You can find them after the break.

by *Dentist73548