Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nightly Megathread #88

Hello, everypony! Joseph Houser here... It's the day after Christmas, and certain realities are setting in as we speak... You know, things were said that shouldn't have been said... Stuff was done that you wished didn't happen... It's perfectly normal... But, I'm sure you don't regret it one bit, right?

*FPLOON whispers in Joseph Houser's ear*

A Cure For Boredom

Even Discord thinks I've lost it.

Well I couldn't think of a proper discussion for tonight but I did think up something just as fun! Tonight we are going to play Cards Against Humanity! ...How can you do that online? Well I've devised a rudimentary system. Read on after the break and join us for some fun!

Trig Rant #7: Gravity Shifts

Character growth is the definitive backbone of Friendship is Magic. Even the action-oriented two-parters at the tail ends of a season sport massive growth in Twilight, the mane six, and their relationships that binds the show together, Canterlot Wedding not really withstanding (Seriously, “trust your instincts”? We all know the whole point of the season two finale was to unlock Twilight’s true form of Pinkie’s magic-mini gun).

Anyway, what the hay is this rant going to be about anyway? With MLP’s incredibly tight focus on slice-of-life character building and a healthy fifty-nine episodes under its belt, I fear one thing: a dead end to characters. How do the writers plan to backtrack and can they do it effectively? I guess we’ll see…

Head past the break for pony talk.

Wonderbolt Academy Alt Ending Script

Well, it looks like Megan has revealed the script to an alternate ending to the Wonderblot Academy episode on Twitter... Huh... This gives the ending an interesting perspective the more I read into it... It also seems kind of extended, as well...
go past the page break for more!

Music: Snowfall / Oh My / Amplifyre / Raise this Barn Rock! / BBBFF

Pie family, pls stahp... you're killing me.
You wanna know how much  that first song sounds like a retro racer game? It sounds very close...
Second one doesn't have George Takei but it's "definitely pumpin'!"
Vinyl Scratch! Rapping! Remixes! I can't describe it!
Guitar riffin' Raise This Barn rock!
Twitch remix of BBBFF!

1.) Antik9797 - Snowfall
2.) Oh My - the Phony Brony
3.) Ibeabronyrapper & Omnipony feat Nowacking - Amplifyre (Legion Remix)
4.) Raise this Barn Rock!
5.) Twitch vs. Twilight Sparkle - BBBFF

Fanfic: Twilight Sparkle and the Gift Before Hearthswarming Day

Hopefully you guys have some Christmas spirit leftover from yesterday, because this is a well written tale of filly Twilight and her wonderful Hearthswarming Eve. Take a look!

Slice of Life

PMV; Twilight Sparkle vs Discord - A Filthy Finale / Mischievous Robot / End of All Pony

LightningDash Nap by =10art1

PMV time, yeah! Lots of Discord, so get hype, after da break, of course.

Comics: Pony Family Reunions/Favorite Cousin/Contact Lenses/A Christmas Pony

Comics after the break. (No, not the official ones)

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #102

If Rainbow Dash ornaments are ever made I hope they turn out like this one... Hmm... *looks it up* Aw darn it stock vectors!... More art after the break! (a bit of a short one today)

Great News From Seeds of Kindness!

Lots of nice updates from Bronies For Good today!
Amongst the headlines, that Seeds Of Kindness livestream we mentioned a couple days back had a surprise appearance by none other than Lauren Faust, presents will be distributed to all the most generous donators, and the orphanage in uganda is now fully-funded!
In-depth copypasta after the break:

Munchkin Apocalypse Pony Shirt

Remember Munchkin Apocalypse? EqD reported on their FiM references like the one above back on September 18th. Some time since then they released a corresponding T-Shirt which can be found here. So... Just a neat morning tidbit. Happy New Year!