Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nightly Megathread #109

Humanized Luna Header Edition! (Although she doesn't look amused...)

FPLOON: And, if you missed out on the wedding between Robotbob and Twilight Sparkle, you can now relive the experience On-Demand! (Thank you Dax!)

Joseph Houser: Who's Dax? *trying not to think about FPLOON's reference*

FPLOON: Nevermind... *pauses* You know what to do...

Joseph Houser: *to Page Break* Page Break:

//password accepted//

Keep Calm and Flutter On Exclusive Clip

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive clip of the next episode... If you're dying to see it, then click here or after the break to speculate even more on what will happen next!

Thank you, Sweetie Bot...

Music: Pony Waifu (Full Cover)/ End of the Line/ Hooves Up High (Echelon Remix)/ Pink Spy

Misguided Intentions by *Jamey4

Aww, Fluttershy on a nightly walk... You're going to love her, you know?
And you're going to love this music here.

This edition is quite on the Vocal side.
We have ElectroKaplosion's beautiful cover of the Pony Waifu Song, an Original Vocal Heavy Metal song by Silent Night, yet another remix of Hooves Up High, this time by Echelon and lastly something that sounds like a theme song, by Legendary.

Find it after the break, as always.

Plushies and Customs #18


Behold: the polar opposite of the infamous Lyra Plushie. I wouldn't feel safe with one of these in my house... We have a motherload of artisan crafts after the break.

Random Media: Equestria Inquirer 66/ Equestrian Youtube Capfail - Volume 5/ Colgate and the Cake (Animation)/ Applejack

Pixelspike presents: Today's little compilation of random media.

We have two randomly found videos, one of which containing a collection of various suboptimal suggestions the YouTube auto-caption feature offers us. The other one... has Applejack.
Then there's a short looped animation of Colgate and cake. Unusual...
Oh, and we have the latest issue of the EqI for you to read! Yes. READ.

Stuff after the break.

Artsy #135

Yeah. A little courtesy of mine.
Don't worry, I didn't abandon my ancient tradition of using [Dark] headers...

We've been blessed with three excellent drawings of Fluttershy. I mean... really excellent. Get your cardiac pacemaker ready and head on down past the break for Fluttershy and more.

Pony merch in Japan?

I don't quite know what it is, but that's definitely a Pony he's holding there.
Apparently there's an alliance of some Japanese companies who plan to expand on a few toy lines, one of them being My Little Pony toys.
Bring the translator of your choice and get a look at the article on

Music: Fighting for Harmony / Rainbow Dash's theme / Until the Sun (Sim Gretina)

So, i herd u liek musics. What a coincidence, me too! Two instrumental tracks and a Sim Gretina for you lucky ducks this time around. Check 'em out after the break.

  1. Fighting for Harmony (MLP:FIM) - Doum92
  2. Fanmade MLP music: Rainbow Dash's theme - RainboomBox
  3. Replacer &I feat. Feather ~ Until the Sun (Sim Gretina Remix) - Sim Gretina

Comics: Nice gift / Blue Genes / My Little Dr Hooves comic / Level Up

Below the page break, enjoy a variety of fresh hand-picked comics and produce.

Music: Knowledge's External / Boo Hoo / When ponies rave / Ruby Skies and Violet Clouds

  1. Nicolas Dominique - Knowledge's External
  2. Assertive Fluttershy - Boo Hoo (SMOR3S & Vault REMIX)
  3. Overmare - When ponies rave
  4. Lavender Harmony - Ruby Skies and Violet Clouds (EHT Remix)