Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pony Survey

Japan is always relevant

Are you bored? Of course you are, that's why you're here. Our friend Yuk has made a short survey about which ponies we like and why. Take 10 minutes or so and go fill it out, why don't you? You won't regret it. Hyper out.

*sees Hyper running off*
Huh... Here's the link... Thanks, Yuk.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #226 + Comics

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Such a beautiful drawing. I really like the colors.
Also, new comic by HowXu! Not Prankstershy, but the continuation of another series.

Music (4/18/13)

If Radiarc keeps releasing music at that rate, I'll be broke soon.

Cherax Destructor ft. Versal Pain of a Blank Rap
GatoPaint ( feat. P1k ) Nightmare Night REMIXCEPTION Vocal Electro
John Doe Orchestrating the Elements 1/8 - Sinfonia Orchestral
KrazyTheFox What It Must Be Like Orchestral
Metal Core Pony A Different Me (Feat. RainbowRapper) Rap
Michael Pallante Ballad of Spike & Rarity Vocal Acoustic
Mush Mad Mares (Tears for Fears cover) Synthpop
PonyVisation Winds of Canterlot Piano Improvisation
Radiarc Fiddlesticks Orchestral
TheDashDub The Crystal Kingdom Piano Orchestral