Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nightly Megathread #123

A while ago, I asked for a Celestia header... Then I realized that I could get one myself... (The rest of what I was thinking was just anime-based filler...)

Something Something Something "Page Break"...

Discord Came to Discord's Domain

(Pixelkitties is awesome)

So early this morning I received word from Mike Brockhoff that John De Lancie could join us for a quick interview and discussion about "Bronies", the documentary. Just a few hours later I had a working livestream channel, and Discord's Domain had coordinated with BabbleWithBronies and Bronystate to do some backup livestreams as well. Not even a full day later, the interview is done. Quite short-notice, but it ended well. Read on after the page break!

Comics: The Bottom Line/ Shocking Revelations/ Novice/ Lost Invitation

Woohoo, comics after the break! And a bipedal Fluttershy right here!

Fighting is Magic Fluttershy Theme

If you've listened to the previous themes, you'll know why I didn't waste time with a header image.  It's one of the best themes released so far, so sit back and behold the theme of best pony in its full glory.  

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #154

Hope you could make it for the exciting interview. DeLancie's voice is certainly a pleasant sound to hear, right?

Have some art to calm down to after the break.

Entertainment Weekly: A Brony explains why fans say 'neigh' to [SPOILER]

And this particular Brony is no less than Sethisto himself. You might know him. He's that guy over there on this little pony blog EqD. And he has an interesting opinion on this whole commotion going on.
Read the complete article on EW here.
It also mentions his real name, on a side note. Just in case you're interested.

De Lancie Question Gathering

Big news, little blog! It seems like we'll be interviewing John De Lancie about the recent documentary over Livestream at 12:00 PST for roughly half an hour. If you have any questions you'd like us to ask De Lancie, leave them in the comments!

Update: we may be able to carry out the interview on BabbleWithBronies or Bronystate. More info as it comes in.

Update again: It looks like we'll probably be able to run this interview on Bronystate. If It can be run in more than one place for redundancy, then we'll try that. And unfortunately it seems we've got a 30-minute delay.

Morning Music

Music in the morning? Why not?
Also, there are too many people involved in the first song one way or another to list them.

Koroshi-Ya Befriends Princewhateverer -- Beyond Her Tomb (Mic The Microphone cover) -- Rap
BronyvilleTime -- С днём рожденья, Шиша! -- Vocal Cover [That's a cover based on Smile, Smile, Smile]
3SPIRITHouse & PonyFireStone -- Rare and Sweet -- Trance
d.notive -- The Apology -- R&B
Coconeru -- Lullaby For A Prince (Colt Cover) -- Vocal Cover

Some interesting music embedded after the break.

Magical Mystery Cure Spoilers

Spoiler after the break! Allegedly what follows is a screencap from the last episode of season 3.


Trig has gone, and now I follow suit. a (hopefully) temporary hiatus. I will still do the BwB interview.but other than that do not expect participation on my end. I have my reasons. Trig has his. leave it at that until one or us says different.

We all have demons we must face. time to reflect on the monsters we have created. you stand victorious or you fall and are consumed by your darker side. a friend once told me,you must separate from your wickedness and face it head on. your wicked nature and you are two separate beings, when you allow them to be. do this, kill off wickedness, and live your life.

Bob here. I'm here to announce that I too will be leaving for a short time. The hiatuses of the three of us were all caused by the same incident.  I need some time away from DD to get my head straight and let out steam. I assure you, we are not leaving for good nor do we hold a grudge against each other. Have a nice day and see you soon.

One last note; "Discord's Domain" truly lives up to its name.