Friday, May 17, 2013

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #255 + Comics

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I admit that I rushed this post, but... I can't have skipped that much art.
It has been really slow recently.

Sad header because I like it.

400k Pageviews. Yay. I guess.

Thanks to everyone who keeps pressing F5 these days.

Friendship is Witchcraft: THE MOVIE

Just watch this be better than the actual movie.

[Animation] Dan Vs FiM: "House Call"

Umm... Hello? Anyone here?
Guess I'll collect some art. At 3am.

Rarity is more fabulous than Twily

Can't you tell how happy Rarity is to finally have her own post, all to herself? She can barely hold her emotions together! Come give Rarity a hug and discuss why she is the most wonderful, beautiful, and fabulous pony after the break!