Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New Pony SFM Models

This just in: new and improved SFM models! They look less robotic and creepy as the previous models! (Not that robotic is a bad thing)

>Says he won't post as often
>Posts more often

(Kind of) important question & Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #215

Please read the following wall.
Okay, you heard the news. However, I also heard some people would actually still come here just to see art and listen to music, despite the decreasing views on those posts.
I'm kinda indecisive now.
I certainly won't post urgent things anymore. Neither will there be news (though you noticed that already).
But here's an offer...
I could keep art posts (and try to be inb4 EqD, huehuehue). Also, I could make a music post every two days and, if given, make a compilation of special stuff once a week. Like new top-tier animations and things like that.
You wouldn't see any hot news here, but could come for some entertaining media.
That might be an amount of time that I could spend. But only if enough of you want me to...

Make a comment if you want me to maintain the above.

Another option would be to drop music and give you a link to a folder in my dA favorites where you could look for new art. More convenient for me, but less for you.
I will make my final decision based on the amount of supporting feedback, so please... Take a minute of your time.
The decision will be made on Monday. Until then, I won't make any new posts.

Bad Boys - When the CMC Finally Kicked Babs' Ass [PonyDub]

I'm gonna make at least an Artsy today, so why not post this as well.
Rabies Bun's interpretation of the Bad Boys theme, gentlemen.
You know his name, so you know this is awesome.