Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nightly Megathread #181

I ended up watching this video multiple times at Brony-Fest. Rather hilarious. Nonsense as usual, just beyond the break.

New Merch!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #212_2

Easter is a good time for all worshippers of Fluttershy... Yes, it was a good day for art. My heart has serious cavities now, but it's worth it.

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

And you can feel it if you tune into your radio
Look at the sky look at the moon look at the way it glow
I aint no ghost so dont be afraid to go
On this midnight vibe

This may take more than just an hour... But, none of these songs would leave you sour...

1. Claire Anne Carr Art of the Dress Rock! (Instrumental) Rock
2. Seventh Element Streets of Canterlot Darksynth
3. David Larsen ft. Mandopony Double Rainboom Soundtrack
4. JayB vs. Mane Six 2 4 6 8 (On Your Hooves) Trance
5. Macarou Spring at Sweet Apple Acres Ambient
6. Koroshi-Ya Rainbow 2.0 (feat. Meelz, Awkward Marina, Mic the Microphone & Replacer) Rap
7. Retrotype & Wasianstep 8-Bit Mysticism Dubstep
8. ViFFeX Mystery Mirror Ambient
9. Rev897 & Ponyvisation (ft. Amelia Bee) Snowdrop's Lullaby Soundtrack
10. EileMonty & Emi Double Rainboom Ending Theme Song Song Cover
12. Seventh Element Ponyville 1984 (album version) Synthpop
13. Radiarc Encounter on the Express Classical (Epic Orchestral)
14. Magnitude Zero Wingmares Drum & Bass (Trance)
15. Pony In A Music Box/MysteriousBronie L-Y-R-A Parody


Told you I ran out of headers... Gonna tweak and reuse it...

Have some comics.

[MLP]Smile! Smile! Smile! - Recreated in SFM

You want to know how I'm spending my Easter (besides sometimes glancing at Fluttershy bunny)? Watching this awesome SFM recreation of Smile Smile Smile... It's so good, that I think it's distracting me almost all day... (AKA I almost forgot to make a post about it...)

Click here or go pass the break to see this recreation for yourself... (Seriously, you got to see this...)

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #212_1

Kinda miss some bunny ears on Fluttershy's head... But she has a ribbon on her tail, that works perfectly fine.