Friday, December 28, 2012

Nightly Megathread #90

"I'll take 20!"

Twi... you're creeping me out. And that's not an easy feat. Nevertheless those glasses look splendiforous. I demand a pair of scrumptialicious glasses too, Twi!

Comics: A Dash of Pun / Spitfire's Tough Choice / COM: The Portal of Possibility / Vault 92: 1 - Introduction / My Little Pinkie / Better Call Kenny Loggins / Purple Dragon

Fanart - MLP. My Little Pony Logo - Princess Luna by ~jamescorck

I'm posting this logo...against my

Fluttershy says Goodnight!

Another Friday night, another Pinkie says comic. This time, Fluttershy will be helping Pinkie. Go here to read it.

Preview Pic From the Hub's Facebook

The Hub has just released a preview pic of tomorrow's new episode on their facebook page. Go on past the break to see it, or go here.

Animation: Two Best Sisters Updates & Equestrian Skies

(from Two Best Sisters Play Portal)

The creators of those hilarious "Two Best Sisters" videos on Youtube have released a trailer for their next video on tumblr, as well as some neat info about how they animate these youtube vids. Check it out on that tumblr, or here after the break.

Also after the break: Equestrian Skies, a captivating little animation if I do say so myself.

Plushies and Customs #14

Spitfire looks more badass than ever! Is that an academy record? Either way, here's some more plushies for you guys.

Rarity Invades Borderlands Facebook Page.

If you have played Borderlands, then you probably know about the diamond pony, Butt Stallion. Most of us associate Butt Stallion with a certain diamond loving pony from a certain show. I guess the holiday season must of sparked something in the Boderlands' facebook page, because now it are featuring Handsome Jack and Rarity. Check it out here on their facebook page.

Comics: Daring Do and The Mystery of the Fractured Jaw/ Sharing the Spotlight/ Resident Ponyville/ The Daring Exporer [Animated]

Where is Trig when you need him? I have two Daring Do comic on a silver platter just waiting for him AND HE IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!? *throws iPhone*
Whatever... See them after the break.

Fanfic: How to Remove a Unicorn Tooth

Sad   Slice of Life

Three missing pieces, two loving alicorns, and a single stupid decision that will set young Princess Cadence's life on a fresh new course.

How to Remove a Unicorn Tooth by Skywriter

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #104


This picture is so full of win. Everywhere you look there is some sort of shenanigan that'll catch your eye- WHO THREW THAT AT TWI!?

Piano Medley - My Little Pony / Avast Flutterfluff / Grey Octave / Raise This Barn

What!? You robbed a bank!? ...Oh that's ok, just let me come next time...

6 songs all masterfully pianoed up, avasting fluffy electro Fluttershy, violins and pianos for Octavia, and Raise This Barn remix!

1.) Piano Medley - My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (slightly delayed Christmas gift)
2.) Avast Flutterfluff
3.) Grey Octave - Woody
4.) Raise This Barn - MBAlpha (Remix)

PMV: The Lion Sleeps Tonight / Little Sister / Stars

A short MLD of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, PMV of a Bioshock song, and Les Miserables!

1.) My Little Disney: The Lion Sleeps Tonight
2.) Little Sister [PMV]
3.) PMV: Stars (Les Miserables)

Spike at Your Service Clip from Entertainment Weekly

This is the only Spike/AJ pic I could find. The weekly spoiler clip from Entertainment Weekly has popped up. Go on past the break to watch it.