Sunday, February 3, 2013

Nightly Megathread #126

Oh, Fluttershy. I actually wouldn't mind being assassinated by you. Pony nonsense after the break, but you should know that by now.

Equestria Inquirer #67 + Comics: Radioactive Carrots!/ Winging Off/ Flutter Singing/ Comic 34: Just In Bed/ Booty Call

Huh... I guess the first comic post was too early. Because 15min later, two new ones popped up.
So... Have them as well. Together with the most recent issue #67 of the EqI.

Look at stuff after the break.

Music in the Afternoon

Some of the new music Luna will listen to tonight. Though Ptepix' might be a little sad for her...

Additive Subtractive feat. Rina-chan -- Love & Friendship (WaveStreaker Remix) -- D'n'B
Cherax Destructor -- Sister -- Vocal Post-Dance
DrummerBot -- No Excuses -- Drumstep
Jeffthestrider -- Her Sunlight (Celestia's Theme) -- Instrumental
Lunatra -- DerpStep (VIP) -- Drumstep
Oblivia -- Breeze Of Hope [N3pton Remix] -- Dubstep
Ptepix -- Lunaris Lapsum -- Electronic Orchestral
Super Ponybeat -- Smile, Smile, Smile! (Euro Rainbow Road Mix by Delta Brony) -- Eurobeat

Comics: technique/ A mare never forgives/ Villain reforming program Chrysalis/ Tales from Ponyville: Chapter 1 complete

Spike found the newest issue of the ever changing comic book!

Read the entries after the break.
Happy Super Bowl Sunday 2013 by *johnjoseco

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #157

FlutterBot has a sad...
But there's a ton of art to admire here.
Also, there's still some spoilery art in its own section. Consider yourself warned, I guess.
Though I'm quite sure everyone here knows anyway.

Art after the break

Game: Sweet Apple Cider


If you are one of those who don't care about a certain event today and look for something to do, how about serving cider to thirsty ponies then?
Help Applejack in this fun little game made by =kevinsano
Embedded after the break.

Babble With Bronies Today at 4:00

As our good friend Elliott reminded me, Babble With Bronies will be livestreaming from bronystate this afternoon at 4:00 EST.

...Also apparently it's the Super Bowl. I've gotta get some chicken wings (#ReasonsWhyScootalooCan'tFly) and stop living under a rock.

There is indeed stuff to post, so when some mods get back on perhaps we'll make an extra-gigantic nightly megathread to catch up. And who knows? Perhaps people will have already ponified some of the super bowl commercials by then.


Looks like the blog will be especially quiet today: The other mods haven't been around for hours and I've got lots of business to attend to. Have a nice day off!
...feel free to pass the time sharing funny gifs and campfire stories in the comments.

Music in the Morning

Some excellent music for you this morning. I especially recommend #2 and #3.

Legendary -- Legend's Box - Thunders of War -- Orchestral Battle Theme
Makkon -- Avast Octavia's Plot (DJ Gestap Trance Remix) -- Trance
Zykrath -- Farewell -- Instrumental Piano
FiMFlamFilosophy -- Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu (Cover by MsIkarishipper) -- Vocal Cover
PhonyBrony -- Voices from the Clouds -- Dance
MandoPony -- MandoPony's Song -- Acoustic Mandolin

Embeds after the break, of course.