Monday, March 18, 2013

Nightly Megathread #168

FPLOON: Hey, Joseph... Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?
Joseph Houser: *thinks* Not really... and if I am, then they're only seeing from one side...
FPLOON: *pauses* Did you make that up?
Joseph Houser: Kind of... Hyper asked the same question off-camera...

This NM is brought to you by...

[Animation] Know Your Mare Ep. 4 (Fluttershy)

A new round of revelations and accusations!
This time, it hits Fluttershy... Poor girl...

Not sure if I will enjoy this, but I guess you can expect some entertainment.
Click the image above or watch it after the break. Oh my...

EDIT: Apparently today is Video-takedown-day. It's private now for whatever f***ing reason.

Celestia's lost student?

Well, look at this. After all, the "mysterious masked pony" we saw a while ago really seems to become a major character. This snippet is from a box of her toy. The full picture is below the break.

It says Sunset Shimmer was a student of Celestia years ago. And it kind of announces a "special celebration". That's the reason for the masked ponies we saw on the ToyFair pictures.

I'd consider this to be more than a rumor... So, have a discussion. What do you think will happen?

My Little Bloopers: Mistakes are FOREVER! Vol.13

Don't you love all those tiny nitpicks? Whitehawke's new installment of the series provides some more of them.
Look at all those errors you would never have noticed if you just quietly enjoyed the show!

Click the image or go past the break for 7 minutes of little bloopers within episode 9 to 13.

EDIT: It's online again.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #199

No, there really is not a single pony in that header.
They're all sleeping below the break...


A ponified metal song? We don't hear those every day...
A bunch of music. Take it or leave. Your choice.

Aviators The Fear of Flight (UnderKeel Remix) Trance
Constep G and P T Dubstep
crazyoatmeal3 With Friends Like You Vocal Acoustic
DongleKumquat feat. Meredith Sims Pixels Vocal House
Faux Synder Dash's Time (Original by Imagine Dragons) Vocal Cover
MysteriousBronie Get Down With The Ponies Vocal Metal Parody
Neighsayer & Feather Hope (Cyphers Wolf Remix) Genre
Nicolas Dominique Techno-magic Progressive Trance
Radiarc Cynosure: A Terrible Nightmare Orchestral
Risen From Ashes Fluttershy beatboxing! (Feat. Rainbow Dash) Electronic