Friday, November 30, 2012

Nightly Megathread #62

Ah yes, an episode we have all been waiting for. Even a die hard Pinkie lover (obviously me) has to take off his hat in honor of this epic episode. It's just gonna be amazing and I hope for more magic explosions then a Michael Bay film.

Spoiler! Magic Duel discussion/specualtion

In just a short while, the battle of the century, or week,  will take place. Some of you have been eagerly anticipating it, some more than others. Past the break you will find all the spoilers and previews for this doozy of an episode. I will also give my theory on how it might end. So far I have been correct on two in a row.
Can I get three!?

Special Comic Post: Luna Says Goodnight!

The weekly, pre-episode comic that everyone enjoys is here. Or rather, here (the first here was merely an indicator that the comic has been released, not providing access to the comic, in case there was a mix up). And... yeah, Luna!

Plushie Post #10

Anyone hungry for hugs?  Can only a stuffed pony scratch that symbolic, nagging itch?  Well then, if these weren't two-dimensional, digital replications, I'd say you're set!  So head on down to the gallery before the loneliness sets in.  You won't regret it.

Top 10 Pony Videos Of November (Voting and Contest)

Aw yeah! It's that time of the month again! It's time for the voting for the Top 10 Pony videos of November!! Click here or after the break to see the rules for voting and, if you want to enter the Top 10 Pony videos contest for a shot at a Steam Game (of your choice) worth up to $15 USD, then click here or after the break as well for details!

[SFM] Trolldier

Ok, so this little video popped up. Nothing special, so I don't know why, but I couldn't stop laughing. So here you go (after the break, THE SUSPENSE!). 

Artsy-Wartsy #70

Pull up a chair and join in the telling of the greatest tales ye will never hear of in your fancy history books. It all started with Swat's Artsy...

The Doctor Dances

[Romance] [Crossover] [Slice of Life] 

Doctor Whooves is a mysterious stallion, nopony knew where he came from, or understands half of what he says. 
Whilst trying to repair the TARDIS to take him back home, he might just discover a reason to stay.
It's time to stop running.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #69

Babs approves of this post, but what she doesn't approve of is immature comments about the post number. Or does she? Heck if I know. Either way, another Artsy is after the break.

Music: Showdown / Scootaloo Slam Those Drums Into Oblivion / Flutterwonder / Babs Seed / Perfect Picture

Alright we've got an instrumental for the "Magic Duel" episode (before it's even out? Stop being hipsters!(Swatteam doesn't mean that.), a Coconeru song for Scootaloo's epic drum playing, another epic Flutterwonder remix (too many to count!), an electro house remix of Bad Seed,and a remix of StormWolf's "Perfect Picture" song.

1.) Radiarc - Showdown
2.) Coconeru - Scootaloo Slam Those Drums Into Oblivion
3.) PinkiePieSwear Flutterwonder (PonyFireStone Remix)
4.) Daniel Ingram - Babs Seed (Varia Remix) [Electro House]
5.) StormWolf - Perfect Picture (Ozzwald's Remix)

Gameloft Working to Correct My Little Pony Problems

I told myself I wouldn't make any more posts on this game, but this one is different. Some people have experienced a terrible problem. No, not the costly issue. Some players received too many heart gems from people, thus crashing their game. Players are not able to reopen the game and are forced to reinstall the game. The game doesn't record any of the purchases you made, thus destroying all the players work and money they put into it. This has also happened to me. A quote from the aritcle,

 As it turns out, Gameloft wasn't expecting My Little Pony players to have so many friends. Apparently I wasn't alone in my troubles, as other players that had gathered hundreds of in-game pals had experienced the same issue — so many friend-bestowed treasure chests popping up on the playing field that the game would crash upon loading.

Their solution?  In the next game update the amount of chests a player can receive will be limited to 100 a day. Go here for the full article, or go past the break for some copy pasta.

comics : Story time for Applebloom / Just fishing / And Not A Single Buck / Rude Awakening

Have some morning comics to start your day! We stories, fishing, apple buckin, and fashion advice. Read em' after the break!

Extended Synopsis for Wonderbolt Academy

AT&T U-verse has released an extended synopsis on episode 7 "Wonderbolt Academy". If you don't care about spoilers, go past the break.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nightly Megathread #61

FPLOON: Thanks, Rainbow Dash! And, what a coincidence, it is also my night to do a Nightly Megathread!!
Joseph Houser: You planned that, didn't you?
FPLOON: I have no idea what you're talking about... Now, on with the NM!!!

Music: SWINGA DA PLOT / A Little Blues To Princess Molestia / Equestrian Space - Daggin HeartClaw / Fluttershy's Forest

by =290Pika

We got quite the musical lineup here tonight, filtered down from a list of worthy competitors here is the music you've been waiting for. |listen to some sweet tunes after the break|

Mashup: Bab Seeds Soundcloud Editon

The name's Link (haha) and I'm braver than brave.
I got a wooden sword from an old man in a cave.
And when my hearts are maxed out, it shoots an energy blade?
I don't know how exactly that works, but that's okay (with me).

The header and lyrics might be irrelevant, but this post has nothing but Babs Seed mashups from Soundcloud! From Micheal Jackson to Mando to Foster the People, check out the Soundcloud mashup maddness after the break...

1. Beat It Babs
2. Trio vs The Cutie Mark Crusaders - Da Da Seed (DJ Haley Mashup) (No Soundcloud embed)
3. Babs Seed Duet (Feat. Mandopony and The CMC)
4. Bad Seed Sugar Rush
5. Babs Seed + Pumped Up Kicks [remix]

Entertainment Weekly Exclusive Clip from Magic Duel

It looks like Entertainment Weekly has posted another spoiler for episode 5. If you don't care about spoilers, go past the break. Thank you DHN for the vid!

Mashup: Upside Down Ponies (Póneis ao Contrário)/ Bab's Good Time/ Beyond Her Garden ~ Sonic 2 Remix/ Find a Dress

Come along with me
To a cliff under a tree.
Where we'll gaze upon the water
As an everlasting dream

We have a Crystal Empire mashup, Babs in Owl City, Beyond her Garden Sonic 2 Edition, and a mashup of two MLP songs from the show... That's a first for me, kind of... Check them out after the break...

1. Xutos & Pontapés vs. MLP: FiM - Upside Down Ponies (Póneis ao Contrário)
2. Bab's Good Time - [Bab's Seed + Owl City Mashup]
3. WoodenToaster - Beyond Her Garden ~ Sonic 2 Remix
4. Find a Dress

Is it really your birthday, FPLOON?

Community Show and Tell

^Full of win right there

Another silly thread for all to participate in! And potentially useful too! What is your favorite FiM-related fan-made content so far? What do you like about it? Who made it/when was it made/provide some general info and links. That's the gist of it then. And if someone else gets your favorite first, just go for your second or third favorite. Still just as good.

I think I'll start this one off again... I can't actually choose a favorite, but one of my favorites is this classic here by Skaijo on Deviantart. Made many moons ago, this video was one of the earliest fanimations (bad pun?) to grace the fandom, and it has since become a classic, and the origin of a surprising number of memes including the moon cannon and bananas. Not trollestia though, that was around before this vid.

Another of my favorites would have to be Carrot Cake Story Book. This brief comic was made very early on in the FiM community by Elosande on DeviantArt, who has the best interpretation of Derpy Hooves and Carrot Top IMO. From this old comic came the whimsical "Derpy emptied your fridge" meme.

Anyways those are just two awesome things out of many. Can't wait to see what people add in there!

Music: Babs Seed (MrCrackles Remix)/ Rainbow Factory (Avion Dubstep/Glitch Remix)/ Lost On The Moon feat. Rina Chan (Metal Cover)/ Ragequit (Zombie vs Pony Remix)/ FlutterBad

Oh don’t pull me down
Oh don’t pull me down on me~
Oh don’t pull me down
Oh don’t pull me down on you~

Get your dash of midday music... coming at ya after the break!

1. Babs Seed (MrCrackles Remix)
2. Rainbow Factory (Avion Dubstep/Glitch Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
3. Lost On The Moon feat. Rina Chan (Metal Cover) [400 Subscriber Special]
4. Freewave Befriends Nameless Warning - Ragequit (Zombie vs Pony Remix) (Non-PMV)
5. Greystep Pony - FlutterBad [OFFICIAL] [HD]

PMV: Spike Likes Little Fillies/ Ragequite (Zombie vs. Pony Remix) PMV Version/ SOAP: Aerials/ 20% Cooler Typography Preview

PMVs! ...What? Not everyday an intro needs to be said...

1. Spike Likes Little Fillies
2. Freeware Befriends Nameless Warning - Ragequite (Zombie vs. Pony Remix) PMV Version
3. [PMV] SOAP: Aerials
4. 20% Cooler Typography Preview

PMV/animation : It's Always a Good Time / hush now, quiet now

We have got two awesome PMVs for you today. The first one is a combination of a bunch of fandom animations. The second one is a animation of Hush Now, Quite Now. Watch em' after the break!

Megathread: Come At Me, Bro!

In celebration of FPLOON's birthday, besides randomly making random and/or irrelevant haiku comments and/or replies on any post that happens today, FPLOON wanted commenters to roast him just like what happened to comedian Bob Saget, rapper Flavor Flav, and the Great and Powerful Trixie that one time...

So, in the comments, hope you're ready to roast this wizard with an endless supply of popcorn, because you've all been discorded (for some of you, this has happened to you before...) and roasting this pegasi-loving mod is the only way to be un-discorded!

Artsy-Wartsy Post #68

The movie that could have been. Way better than the original idea, I'll take Pinkie annoying Rarity over a guy befriending tigers anyday of the week. Huh maybe I should watch the movie first though... not like that would change anyone's mind on how Pinkie would be the best protaganist of any movie...

Applejack's Awesome Apple Acquisition

Have an Apple buckin game to keep you busy. The controls are pretty straight forward. Just time your kicks to get the Apples in the bucket with the space bar. Don't kick the rotten apples. The game can be played here. Have fun!

Episode 5 Sticker on GetGlue

I decided to use the sticker as the header cause I realize this isn't a spoiler. The sticker for Episode 5 has just been released. Nothing really new if you have seen the spoilers. Go here to see it and or get the sticker.

Plushies and Customs #9

#1 here is not particularly new, but it's a personal favorite. 3D printing like that is tough! Multicolor like that with such overhangs? Incredible!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #67

Slendy, Slendy, what we gonna do?
Got a monster at our throats,
Gotta find a bunch of notes!
Slendy, Slendy, if he's after you
We gotta run, we gotta flee,
Gotta look ahead of me!
Slendy, Slendy, he's just a Slen-der-man!

Comics : The Great and Powerful countdown / Travel Time! / Typing with Ponies

Have a few comics. We got another Trixie comic counting down to the Trixie episode, Time Lords, and muffins. Read em' after the break!

Michelle Creber Added to Animate Miami Guest List

How are you today Hub logo?

Good news everyone! Looks like Michelle Creber will be going to Animate Miami, a three-day animation convention in Florida, starting January 18th. Read all about it here, or just check out their guest list and main page, which are pretty much flooded with FiM folks. So full of pony, so full of win.

Also have some copypasta/press release after the break from our fellow sites:

Music : Evil Overlord Scootaloo / Smile / Daggin HeartClaw / Pinkie's Playtime

We got some pretty intense music for you the morning. We have a wicked sweet Scootaloo song sung by Dustykatt and Bronyfied, a Smile punk rock cover, another Equestrian instrumental, and a 8-bit Pinkie track. Listen to em' after the break!

1.) Evil Overlord Scootaloo by Dustykatt & Bronyfied
2.) Meelz - Smile (Punk Rock Cover)
3) Equestrian Space - Daggin HeartClaw
4) Pinkie's Playtime [Original Chiptune]

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nightly Megathread #60

by ~Dante-Hinomori

Welcome to the nightly, Derpy broke the nightly, so we will have to make due... |break the below|

Plushies and Customs #8


Don’t blink.
Blink and you’re dead.
Don’t turn your back.
Don’t look away.
And don’t blink.
Good Luck.

Comic Post #68: Twilight Tallies the Votes! / Old Jokes / The Muffin Marks the Spot / Macrotransaction / Pie Harder / Balloon Savior

The votes are in! Is your favorite pony about to appear in Pinkie Says? Well, the graph will at least tell you if your pony is not going to appear. Those results and many more comics after the break.

Sibsy confirmed for working on My Little Pony comic cover

A while back we were hinted to Sibsy working on some of the MLP comic covers. Today she has confirmed her work on the covers. Go here to see her statement, or go past the break for some copypasta.

Minty Fresh Adventure II / I update

    The creators of Minty Fresh Adventure have been busy. They have update the original Minty Fresh Adventure with checkpoints, allowing you to continue your game at a later time , full voice acting, bug fixes and the long-awaited addition of the new items to Trixie's shop! Not only that, but if you paid attention to the   brony show podcast, you would have also found out about a Minty Fresh Adventure II in the works. Above is a video demo of said game, "skip to 32:00 if you only want to see the game". The original updated version can be downloaded here. The people over at Equestria gaming have wrote their own article on their experience with the game. Go here to view the article, or go past the break for some copy pasta.

Mashup: Bun Dem Bronies/ Twisted and Popular/ Babs Starseed/ Good Cider

It's Simon Belmont, the vampire slaughtera'.
Equipped with holy water and I got enough for all of ya.
I'm callin ya...out. Takin' ya... down.
Killin' you again puttin' you back in the ground.

We got a Balloon Party mashup, Korn and Rairty team up, one of two Babs Seed mashups, and Flim and Flam go disco... What a variety! Check them out after the break...

1. Senntenial vs. Skrillex ft. Damian Marley - Bun Dem Bronies
2. Twisted and Popular (Full Edit)
3. Nicki Minaj vs. MLP: FiM - Babs Starseed
4. Good Cider (Good Times/SSCS6000 Mashup)

Pony Puns (Para Países)

Hooray for multilinguality! Anyways in accordance with recent, particularly punny spoilers, I'd say it's time we make a dedicated pun post, like many sites before us: (example)[example]{example}

  This post has just a few simple guidelines.
  1. make a short list of names of cities or countries you know
  2. attempt to ponify them
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Plushies and Customs #7


Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #66

This picture reminds me of Samurai Jack for some reason... More art after the break.

"Magic Duel" (Clip) - The Hub

The Hub has just posted a clip of episode 5. If you don't mind watching spoilers, go past the break!

Stay Brony My Friends : Episode 31

Dustykatt's shenanigans know no bounds as writer M.A. Larson joins the fray! Stay tuned for the madness that ensues!

Join Dustykatt, also known as "The Manliest Brony in the World" as he spins tails of manliness and mustache care. Watch him walk the tightrope of a live telecast with all the grace of Daring Do!

With him will be his sidekick, Screwball. He will be taking your questions for Dustykatt and his guest via our IRC chat or his twitter during the live show. Join us to see what madness we have in store!

Music : Mad Mares / Determination / Twilight's Task / Rarity's Room

Have some music. We got a very nice cover of a parody Mad World, a Scootaloo instrumental, and two 8 bit tracks. Listen to em' after the break.

1.) Mad Mares (Mad World Parody by Ember) ~ Cover by Feather
2.) 700 Subs! - Neu KatalYst - Determination INSTRUMENTAL [Liquid DnB]
3.) Twilight's Task [Original 8-Bit Track]
4.) Rarity's Room [Original 8-Bit Track]

comics : Pinkie's Secret to Happiness / Defiance / Yeah / Not This Again

Usually I say, " Have some early morning comics to start your day. But this time, some of the comics are a little bit darker than usual. Anyways, we got Pinky Pie secrets, awesome fandom backstory, dangerous realizations, and hands. Read em' after the break!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nightly Megathread #59

These are dark times we live in.  All communication has been cut off with Canterlot, save a few disjointed messages about some sort of bizarre changeling conspiracy.  Without any way into the city, we're helpless to do anything except idly twiddle our thumbs.  But if you've lost sleep over the questionable stability of our homeland, since you're here, why not try a Nightly Megathread?  While I can't promise you that it won't feed off your love, I can guarantee that it won't waste time gloating about it, unlike a certain monarch.  So just click on past the break, and wish your troubles away.

Music: Fallen/Queen of the Changelings/The Evil and Powerful Trixie Boss Theme

I have a lot of music for all you villain lovers; a vocal for King Sombra, D&B for Queen Chrysalis, and a videogame mashup for The Great and Powerful Trixie. Listen to evil in the form of music after the break.
  1. Lectro Dub - Fallen
  2. Flutter Rex - Queen of the Changelings
  3. The Evil and Powerful Trixie Boss Theme - Delta Brony


Um....yeah...THis is really weird. But I did learn something from it!! I learned how to say "ensemble". Watch the weirdness after the break.

Neat News Notifications

Some quick little tidbits for you guys this fine evening!
  1. Kotaku has made a review of the first issue of the official MLP:FiM comic here. Sounds like it's going to be awesome!
  2. Remember that recent USA Today article? Well a physical copy has been found and posted on Reddit! That article made it all the way to print! Cool stuff! (image on imgur, linked on Reddit)

Artsy #65

Babs is best Jesse! I don't get why Trixie would be Walter though... Hmm...

Art after the break! Not ridiculously long this time either.

Voice actor for Swedish Spitfire (Anneli Heed) and Mezgrman interviewed!

Swedish Spitfire is best Spitfire

As reported very nicely here by our friends over at DHN, Anneli Heed, Swedish voice actor for Spitfire, and Mezgrman, the guy to simultaneously blame and praise for making Brony Retweet, were recently interviewed by Lunar Transmissions on FOB Equestria. Embed after the break!

Arts-Wartsy Stuff #64


Whatever you say Trixie... Twilight is ready for anything you could throw at her. Including those cliche quotes.

PMV : Communist Pony Conquest / Pain

Have some PMVs. Both are very well made. One is another communist pony PMV, the other a ponification of a Ayreon song. Watch em' after the break!

Comics : There's Always Time for Jokes / Oranges and Marshmallows / Hug time! / Fashion Taste

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got puns, marshmallows, hugs, and eating disorders.
Read em' after the break!