Saturday, March 2, 2013

Nightly Megathread #153

In someone's Season 4 headcanon, Sombra makes an unexpected return, possessing and (in the long run) corrupting the unicorn named Rarity... making her fabulously evil, even to the point that Princess Twilight must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save not only her friend, but all of Equestria...

I would go further, but I'm kinda busy laughing at this concept (based off a forum discussion I read off a gaming-esque website), so forgive me if you actually had something like this in mind or something...



Okay, I know she isn't actually reading and her sheet is blank anyway, but... don't judge me.
Have a good night and some comics.


Dizzy Dash by: 24BitPony Fullscreen
Animated Pony Commission: Short Hilt by: MAJORA64 Fullscreen
King Sombra 3D/CG Turntable by: Harikon Fullscreen
Cerulean Cry 2 by: Zebalas Fullscreen
Luna and Starcraft Dark Templar Unit Portrait by: Yudhaikeledai Fullscreen
Pony Insomnia Cam/rig test by: Ocarinaplaya Fullscreen
CC Head Bob Flash Animation by: MetalBluePhoenix Fullscreen
Everypony Do The Flop by: Obisam Fullscreen
Pony Shake by: DivineArms Fullscreen
Twilights artic adventure (animated and sound) by: aginpro Fullscreen

... Yeah, animations are becoming much more frequent in the fandom. (and as per request, no audio plays immediately) |well view them after the break|

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #184

Yes, I had to.
Find unusually late art after the break and add it to your pony evening.

Dreamy Music, smooth and serene

Have a selection of music for the evening. Some remixes, some original. But all quite calming and relaxing.

Carbon Maestro Zebra Tribes Orchestral
Jastrian I've Got To Find a Way (Dream Remix by Jastrian) Trance
Kronix Feathers Liquid D'n'B
Nicolas Dominique Morning in Ponyville (Nicolas Dominique's Good Day Remix) Trance
Skorp I've got to Find a Way (Skorp Remix) Progressive House

PMV: Flutter Girl

Hmm, seems like it was the wrong day to have been away. Because apparently everyone else here decided to do the same.

However, AppleholicP, maybe better known by his channel's URL's name parnas1us, creator of great PMVs/YTPMVs like Poniryoshka and Kick-plot Kung-fu Pony, made a new one as seen above.
Hear Fluttershy sing a Japanese song composed of vocal samples from her actual show songs.
Also, great B/W visuals...

You Decide: The Next Alicorn

It's the end of 2013, and Alicorn Twilight was huge hit toy-wise. Hasbro wants to repeat that success, and they've come to you to pick the next Pretty Pony Princess. Their only requirement is that you use a character already in the show, including background ponies. Who do you pick and why? For an extra challenge, create the story behind their ascension. 

No-Frills News #2

Above is a recently made animation crossing over FiM with Starcraft. A fair amount of wit and skill was used in its production.

Also have a reminder to participate in this competition. Bronies are just barely in the lead. Let's keep it that way and make sure that Beleibers don't get the upper hand, lol.

Also you may have already seen this on EqD, but an animation (mostly sfw so far) was made by Tiarawhy recently. lol... funny top comments on Youtube.

And finally, as you may have heard an article in the New York Times randomly posted what seems to be official artwork for the Equestria Girls thing. The image can be found to the left side of the article or here. EqD got this one recently too, but it was submitted to us, so we might as well post it.


And the newest member of Mane6 Dev is... Lauren Faust! Well folks, the Fighting is Magic we knew is officially dead. But with Lauren's help, they'll be creating a game with all new characters. It doesn't seem likely, but a Galaxy Girls fighter, perhaps? We'll just have to wait and see, and continue to support the team. Read the official announcement here. You rock, Lauren.