Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nightly Megathread #147

I know I'm probably at least the 1000th person to say this but someone should make a pony mod for this game. No clue how that would work with the models and all, though. Nightly after the break, as per the norm.

Comics: mutter / Speech Check / PONIES!!! - 33 / Liquid Pride

I didn't realize Iron will always dressed in style. Four comics for you tonight, from Chrysalis to crossovers to craziness. Head past the break to see 'em if you wish.

The Music Hour (Later Edition)

The light of the past is the light which was
The wisdom of the past is the light of the past
The light of the future is the light which is to be
The wisdom of the future is the light of the future see

Oh, hi... and welcome to another "The Music Hour"... More songs for you to listen to that I'm sure will tickle your fancy... From the song covers to remixes to even a Rock Opera, this "Later Edition" may have a musical theme this time... *pony shrug*

1. Aftermath I've Got to Find a Way (Aftermath Remix) Electronic
2. WahPony Perfect Stallion Rock Cover Rock
3. 3SPIRIT Phoenix Trance
4. Risen Find A Way (Risen Club Remix) House (Club)
5. M Pallante Circles Rock Opera
6. WalrusInc Celestia's Ballad Orchestral
7. Metal Leo Valor Find A Way - Cover Soft Rock
8. 2D Moon Scratch's Glasses Soft Electronic
9. Sim Gretina & Feather Allons-y (VovaB's & SkySynth Remix) Dance

The Music Hour (with FPLOON)

We stayed outside til two, 
Waiting for the light to come back, 
But hid in talk I knew, 
Until you asked what I was thinking

Oh hi... Didn't see you there, and welcome to "The Music Hour", where this post has nothing but the music that I'm sure you'll enjoy... Want some corn? Twilight has some left over...

1. Idemand Pinkie Is Not Invited ( Idemand Instrumental ) Electronic
2. Sonic Rainboom Interstellar Alicorn Trance
3. Seventh Element Everything Will Be Just Fine Chill Piano (Relaxing/Something)
4. Neighsayer Everything Will Be Just Fine Chill Synth
5. Baschfire Infernal Energy - Pinkie Pie Orchestral
6. Idemand Hush Hush Quiet ( Remix n Stuff ) Electronic
7. RIDIUM MLP:FIM - Main Theme(RIDIUM Electro Remix)* House
*Ending Caution (Tosh)
8. PrinceWhateverer The Fight Inside (Luna's Caps Lock Pt. 2) Metal
9. Delta Pony For The New Lunar Republic (Super Eurobeat Mix) Eurobeat
10. Baschfire Ancient Fury - Granny Smith Orchestral
11. ViFFeX ft. DanielPony A Star's Echo Chill**
**with added Guitar
12. SoGreatandPowerful star hopper Alternative

(FPLOON Note: #1 has no embed, so you will have to click on the number in order to listen to that song...)

Ponies in Japan


A new japanese blog article thing shows some more information about the pony invasion in Japan.
Condensed, ponies air on April 2nd, Japanese kids love Pinkie Pie while Twilight and Celestia are their least favorites.
Teenagers like Fluttershy, by the way...

Try to read the original article here. There are also two very very short videos.

BWB Interview is on

Head on over to BronyState! This time Hyperdudeman, Radiogenicpony, Mike, and SleepToFade will be interviewed for the first time. FPLOON and I (Robotbob) will also be interviewed once more. See you all there!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #178

Art. 'nuff said. And it's more than yesterday, yay! Astonishing work after the break.

Animations: quite a bit

Ha take that Pinkie Pie. I've been waiting to do this for some time. Do I gottta share my punch with you? Is that enough caring for ya? huh? *Ahem* I mean... |More animations for all of you, below the break|

Babble With Bronies Live

Aw... I just love this...
Remember when I said that we'll make a post with the link to how you can see Babble With Bronies today?

...We weren't kidding...

Babble With Bronies will be live on BronyState today at 4pm EST (That's, like... 1pm Blog time...) Yes, they will be interviewing some of the other mods here at Discord's Domain, so that should give you that extra incentive to watch... like you really need it... Click here to take you to one of the theaters so that you can watch it LIVE!

Double Rainboom Trailer + Release Date!

Soon, my little ponies, soon... Oh so soon... Sooner than you'd expect... It will be released on...