Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nightly Megathread #178

It looks like she's flying upstream if you look at it upside down.

Oh look! A NM made by Bob? Well that sure is a... *snicker* ...Rarity. Oh I crack myself up. 

Bob: Er... Sorry for usurping your NM day. *gulp*
FPLOON: Oh no... It's fine... You... should have warned me beforehand, but whatever...
Bob: *whew*
FPLOON: Also, that joke wasn't funny...
Bob: *gulp* I know...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #209_2

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Do what that pony does.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #209_1

Magic doesn't look effective for thievery. It's like breaking into a house while holding a neon lamp and wearing a suit studded with LEDs.

As always, have some art.

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

To the top, my lyrics escalate
Accelerate and leave you panickin'
Take the ground from beneath your feet
Leave you Skywalkin' like Anakin

Swatteam: Hey! What happened to the mega music posts?
FPLOON: Well, If it takes more than an hour to listen to all of the music, then it's a mega music post... I guess...
Swatteam: Whatevers... I'm going back to bed...
FPLOON: But... It's...
*Swat went back to sleep*
FPLOON: *sighs* If you're still awake, then here's some music to pass the hour...

1. D1scordant Rarity Fights A Giant Crab (For some weird reason) Electronic
2. ClaireAnneCarr Winter Wrap Up Rock! (Instrumental) Rock
3. Freewave + Dreamsong Celestia's Ballad (Transformation Remix) Downtempo
4. Andi & Adgee Magic Dance (Thomas H. Remix) Chill
5. EileMontyVA I Am Octavia [Titanium Parody] Piano/Acoustic
6. ThatSonofaMitch & Stormwolf ft. MicTheMicrophone & ChiChi Harvest of Dreams (Ozzwald's Remix) Dubstep
7. Delta Brony Pinkie Pie's Welcome Song (Excitement Mix) Eurobeat
8. CommandSpry Calm Seas and Blue Skies (Daring Do) Orchestral
9. 3SPIRIT Crystal Heart Progressive House
10. Seventh Element Silent Ponyville (Dijital's piano arrange) Piano
11. Blaze & The Sixor Heart Of Jems Dubstep