Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nightly Megathread #114

More humanized ponies... There needs to be more humanized headers...

Animations: alot

Spitfire and Rainbow Dash-Flying Animation Test! by ~emilyrose2k8

Lots of animations here tonight. what else is new? Since we have so many animations, why not post your favorite animations in the comments below. |so go go go, after the break|

Mashup: Korn Vs MLP:FIM - Pinkie Pie (Mashup By Dean.B)/ Pinkie's Pet Shop Pets/ Echoplex Vs Raise This Barn (Music Video)/ When Can We Raise This Barn/ Balefire/Stance [Re-Mix]

First of all I got to keep it live until the curtain call
definitely got to show my ethic when there's work involved 
The second that I shower skeptics with my dialogue
is when the third rock will ignite like a fire log

We got some Pinkie Pie/Korn mashup from Dean Birchum, a MLP/LPS mashup from s2jdfgs, a Nine Inch Nails/Applejack mashup from Dean Birchum, Raise This Barn with Wreck-it-Ralph from eveningshimmer, and a Balloon Party Re-Mix from CHANG31ING...

1. Freak On A Leash (Go Insane) Vs Smile Song - Korn Vs MLP:FIM - Pinkie Pie (Mashup By Dean.B) (2013)
2. MLP: FiM vs. Littlest Pet Shop - Pinkie's Pet Shop Pets
3. Nine Inch Nails Vs AppleJack - Echoplex Vs Raise This Barn (Music Video)
4. When Can We Raise This Barn
5. Balefire/Stance [Re-Mix]

Mega Music Post: TL;DR

Mega music post for all y'all music lovers out there. We got some dBPony,
Aaand Hyper's gone. Sleepy here again. He commissioned me to finish this, though. Fortunately, I'm cheap. So he could afford my services.
Well, as he said, we got some dBPony (featuring Prince Whateverer) with an Original Vocal Rock song. Continuing with an Original Acoustic Vocal song by Danielpony (featuring MEMJO123 and BlueNoseReindeer), some Progressive House by Nicolas Dominique, another remix of Hooves Up High (I won't link it anymore, it's ridiculous), this time around by SMOR3S, then an FO:E-inspired Instrumental piece by IvoryKeysADSR and finish with a SimGretina-inspired Electronic song by RisenFromAshes.
Oh, and of course SoGreatandPowerful's remix of All Levels at Once's "Kupo".

Listen past the break, gentlemen.

Fanfic: "Pinkie Pie's Pineapple Pursuit" by Seether00


[Comedy] [Random]

Pinkie Pie wants a pineapple.
No ordinary fruit will do, she needs a Sweet Apple Acres pineapple.
Pinkie won't let little things like Applejack's logic "A pineapple ain't an apple!"
or Twilight's loss of sanity "She's right, go to the store!" stand in her way.
What follows is a tale of romance, science, and pinecones.
Also, Twilight summons a demonic entity but that happens every month so isn't important. 

Pre-reader's judgement:
Pinkie logic, pinecone x apple shipping, exploding flower pots and a certain princess actually doing something for once. 
The protagonists felt slightly out of character at times, but that's negotiable to keep the comedic track.
I was genuinely amused.
-- Sleepy


More Alicorn Twilight Popping Up

Alicorn Twilight, or as I like to call her: Twilicorn, has made an appearance in the Toy Fair's catalog! She comes in a new castle play set and seems to have been made in a completely new mold. The most obvious difference is the added wings, but her new model is slightly taller than the standard ones. She comes with a removable(?) big crown thingy and a dress. Does this confirm Twilicorn in the cartoon series? Only time will tell. Put your thoughts in the comments.

A huge thanks to DHN for the original article.

Artsy #143

Umm... I hope you brought some time or a bookmark. Because this one is rather massive. But as always, it's worth it. So lean back and scroll through our compilation of art of the last 24 hours.

Step aside, break.

Comics: Island Mares/ Paranoia is Magic/ Anything but your disapproving special eyeballs!/ You like wubs, don't you.../ After 'MMMystery on the Friendship Express'/ A Lucky Rose/ Just a nightmare...


Music: Come Home Soon (Aftermath Remix)/ "Journey of the Spark" OST Preview/ Ahlahdeen/ Changeling/ Cheerilee's Big Day

For a change, instead of searching for a random picture of Vinyl, I'll use this as a header.
You all know Feather. So, she wants to go to BronyCon. But this costs. A lot. If you want to help her make that dream come true, watch the video and see its description for a donation link.

And now to some more music... No, I don't have anything else, so enjoy this. It's good stuff.
We have Aftermath's remix of Joaftheloaf's "Come Home Soon", a piece of orchestral OST from the upcoming animation "Journey of the Spark", a new song by TAPS, a dance track by ViFFeX and some Irish folk by QuietWaterMusic.

 Past the break. You. Now.

3D-Printing Bronies

After mentioning 3D printing recently, I went to check up on some of the other 3D-Printing bronies whose work I've been seeing on the interwebs. Here's a post highlighting some of the best stuff, after the page break.

The Most Adorable Thing

>is removed from existence by the adorableness.