Monday, March 4, 2013

Nightly Megathread #155

FPLOON's been working on yet another program, this time having to do with "time"... I would stop him, but at times it does seem like his computer's doing it for him...

Anyway, enjoy your .45 tonight... Your comment ID was accepted this time...

Animations Pinkie Edition

Pinkie. |Enough said|

Moonstuck: The Game

So, I've never read it myself, but I understand that Moonstuck is a pretty popular thing in the fandom. Well, now it's been made into a game. Find it here, or after the break.

Season 4 Prediction Challenge - Official Dates

The results are in for who's guessing what for when! Check out the official listing below.

UPDATE: Since no one can listen to directions but I still doubled some people up, you can now pick any day you like. Respond to my comment in the comment section if you want your date changed. 

Friendship is Random. So are you.

Do you like ponies? Do you like references? Do you like randomness? And do you even lift?

Then we have something nice. FluttershyElsa made a new installment of Friendship is Magic RaNd0Mn3S5, part 7 to be precise. It's full of scenes from the show with fitting songs or other audio stuff played along.

And because I can... Drop your worst jokes and most terrible puns in the comments for no reason at all.

New SFM Resources

For any of you who play around with Source Film Maker, Poninnahka has released a bunch of new toys for you to play with. Go here for huge collection of mares and here for props to dress them up with. Have fun.

Random Episode Livestream

I felt it would be a slow couple of days so I decided somewhat abruptly to use my newfound livestreaming knowledge towards a useful end. In about 10 or 20 minutes I'll be livestreaming the original "The Last Roundup",  and perhaps Lesson Zero if I can get it in the right file format soon enough (if not, I can show my 3D printer and we can wrap it up early). The livestream can be found here.

Just A PMV Post

Just an average day, both for Gummy and for DD. Have some PMVs to make it go by faster.

DoubleRainbowfilly Shooting Star Owl City
Lord Pony Birdhouse in your Soul They Might Be Giants
epicdarkwizard12 Feel Again OneRepublic
SalvesterWilliams Hope it Gives you Hell All-American Rejects
WampirimaxiTesV3 Sail Awolnation
LucasPonyDash Texas Cowboy Michael Martin Murphy
TheHTFAmv Devils Den Ghosts N' Stuff

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #186

Have some art. Not much, but something nice to look at, still. And how could you not like pony art?
There's a distinct lack of Fluttershy, though...

Just some music

Pretty much me when I saw "Kyoga" in the pop up. But that's not the only song in here, of course. There's a couple more special ones, like an epic 12mins piano track or 17mins of chilling ambient.

Assertive Fluttershy Boring (Narflarg Remix) Instrumental
Aviators Friendship (eClypse & Vortex Remix) House
Kyoga Ascertaining our Lost Parables Industrial Ambient
Play Freebird Sunrise Over Equestria Chill Ambient
PonyVisation Long Way Home (Piano Improvisation) Acoustic Piano