Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nightly Megathread #116

FPLOON: Tonight's NM is going to be big...
Joseph Houser: You mean not as big as what's going to happen tomorrow... *wink*
FPLOON: *pauses*
Joseph Houser: What?
FPLOON: I know what you mean...
Joseph Houser: Just checking...

FPLOON: Anyway, check out why I say this NM is going to be big...

Music: Rainbow Factory (Daydream Anatomy RMX)/ Tom tries to make MLP remix/ Escape from the Shadow/ Come Home Soon (Aftermath Remix)/ Cuteness Overload

Show your skill- You want war? Hold your steel
You want more? Unload techs, you all could feel
Raw deal, you all peel, run for the hills
Run for your shield, battlefield's blastin' at will

Yo, dawg! I got some sick beats up in this post! Check it!

We start it off with a Rainbow Factory remix from Daydream Anatomy, a MLP remix attempt by Tom *reads again* from Olivebates, some wubby electo from PinkieLore, and finish it off with remix of this song from Aftermath and some dubstep from Chrystaline... (The last two songs are represented by MonsterBronyMedia, yo!)

1. Wooden Toaster - Rainbow Factory (Daydream Anatomy RMX)
2. Tom tries to make MLP remix - Olivebates
3. PinkieLore: Escape from the Shadow
4. Joaftheloaf- Come Home Soon (Aftermath Remix)
5. Chrystaline-Cuteness Overload

Plushies and Customs #19

...At least I still have my plushies and Twi, right? *drinks* Ugh... Have some of them plushies after the break.

Happy Birthday, Andy Price

Andy Price, who you may know better as the illustrator of the official comic, is having a birthday today. Check out his deviantART or his Twitter to wish him a happy birthday, and let him know how much we appreciate his work.

Music: Rainbow Dash At the Gala/ Breathe/ Dragon Weed/ Cutie Mark Crusaders' Theme (Vocal cover)

Today was quite the comic day in terms of entertaining media. But there's still some music for those of you who like it. Mainly Electro tracks.
First, there's D'n'B by The Ocular Invisible, then Dubstep/House by Error404 and more Dubstep from Constep. Also, there's a Vocal Cover of the CMC's theme song by Steven, A.D.

PMV: Six Things We Love About: Twilight Sparkle/ Temptation/ Unexpected Rhythms of Equestria - Episode 2: *lick*/ MLP Tribute CMC/ Fabulously Generous

Straight up!
Hold on to your hooves because the PMV train is a-chuggin'!!

We got a Twilight tribute from EquestriasSOAPbox, a simple PMV from Raptor, a (what I call) "music video" from TheDanielsaur, a CMC tribute from AJ Bluex, and a Rarity PMV from GraceyK422...

1. Six Things We Love About: Twilight Sparkle
2. Temptation (PMV Challenge entry)
3. Unexpected Rhythms of Equestria - Episode 2: *lick*
4. MLP Tribute CMC [PMV]
5. Fabulously Generous [PMV]

Comics: Cupcake Standards/ COMIC: One Mare's Trash/ Octo Octavia/ How Fluttershy really changed Discord

Man, we didn't have comics in ages...
Have some more after the break, if you like.

Also, one day I will learn how to crop properly. This or I stop caring about it.

Exclusive clip for "Just for Sidekicks" released

This Geekscape-exclusive preview of the new episode just appeared on YouTube.

Artsy #145

All the dreams you had before
Get lost in fate
When you see there's nothing more

Have your daily overdose of art after the break.

April DVD Title leaked

The next DVD with a release date for April 30th, formerly just known as "April DVD", seems to have a proper title now.

It's "Twilight Sparkle Princess", according to some listings.

Have a look at the DHN article and the DVD listing on kmart.

Comics: MLP: here i am!/ About Spike and Rarity/ Muffins and Cookies/ Crystal Fashions/ Who Else but Derpy

 Comics! Lyra seems amused.
A fine collection of new ones after the break.

Random media: My Little Fortress 2 / Lyra's Fate / Eye of the Storm

Below the break is a humorous MLP:FiM and TF2 thing, an animation, and some Source Filmmaker stuff.

Comics: Nice lesson 01 / Wubs and Octaves in Las Pegasus / Discord fixed

This Gif is still awesome. Just like the comics in this post.

Music/PMV: Ponycle / A Magic Duel / Winter Overture / Fall Of Equestria / Chaos.exe

>Wakes up
>It's 5 AM! Time to post ponies!
>schedules for later in the morning so the joke isn't as funny
Have some music and things below the break!
  1. [PMV/PonyParody] Ponycle: Toa Mahri
  2. The L-Train - A Magic Duel
  3. Winter Overture (Orchestral Music)
  4. [Original Music] Fall of Equestria - Preview
  5. ♫♪Chaos.exe♪♫
>Wishes people would have an organized, generalized naming system for youtube vids that provided helpful information like some sort of dichotomy.