Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nightly Megathread #66

Wait Trixie, don't- Oh, no.  Is anyone out there?  Am I going to have to go through a Nightly with the assumption that all of you are dead?  Well, I've done stranger things.  But if I don't have a living audience, that means I can post whatever I want, right?  ...Time to let off a little steam.  You should all consider yourselves lucky that my posting fantasies are considerably tame.  So click the break, if ghosts can do that.  If not, just float there or whatever.  I have no idea what ghosts do.

Music: New Toy =w=/ Lyra Bon Bon Instrumental Wip/ CKDS (Teaser)/ Autumn Night (ft. DJ Shamrock and BaldDumboRat)

I'm feeling really, bla bla
I want to, bla bla, bla
And in the end it means
I, bla bla, bla bla, bla bla, bla
(The end)

We got some teasers up in this music post from Taps, SimsGretina, and Silva Hound... But, if you want your full song fix, then Bagpipe Brony has you covered...

The page break is just there for show... Clicking it makes it disappear, allowing you to listen to DA MUSIKS...

1. New Toy =w= , short clip of a wip. - TEST -
2. Lyra Bon Bon Instrumental Wip
3. Silva Hound ft. HotDiggedyDemon - CKDS (Teaser)
4. Bagpipe Brony -Autumn Night (ft. DJ Shamrock and BaldDumboRat)

Animation: Derpy's song

I got a Derpy animation for all you good people in... can you all move to one city so I can finish this sentence? |how about you all move below the break?|

Which Pony Are You?

Prepare yourselves folks, for today we will take part in an ancient (~1.5 year-old? I forget.) tradition from /b/!

The rules are simple, as follows:
  1. Take the Bronyland Personality Test
  2. Post results
Of course the folks on /b/ always did have a habit of going along with these two implied rules too, frequently bringing about hilarious results:
  1. Retake if not satisfied, post those results
  2. Try to make an absurd solution to the test, post results
Attempt at a logarithmic spiral (points in the wrong direction, doesn't it?)

Stock Voices Needed for Whooves and Assistant

Want to have a (minor) role in a future Whooves and Assistant? I know I do! If you tuned in to last weekend's Babble with Bronies, you know how sexy my voice is. This would be perfect for me and my non-sh*squee*ty mic... IF I HAD ONE! Maybe my iPhone's mic would meet their standards... Anyway... Check out all the info after the break.

Vinyl Scratch's Confession

Have a nice little animation featuring Vinyl Scratch addressing who she really is. Nothing much to really say about it. Go and watch it after the break!

Comics : Wasn't prepared / Floating around / MLP support / Disapproval / Magic Duel / Broke the Border

Have a bunch of comics. We got a 2 part Derpy comic, another Derpy, Magic duels, Trixie browsing the internet, Lyra and Bon Bon, and more duels. Read em' after the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #76


I was kinda hoping that the new episode would end up like this... Oh well. A brony can dream. More art after the break.

Fanfic: Why Trixie Doesn't Trust Wheels


In which Trixie explains just why you should never trust a wheel.

Why Trixie Doesn't Trust Wheels by Cadet Prewitt 

Mashup: You Spin My Records/ Club Can't Handle Strong Hooves/ Trixie the Ponytroll (Monki's remix)/ U No Get Hectic

Me and my friends get no respect. 
What does Scooby-Doo that we neglect? 
We be puttin' all our foes in check, 
But me and my friends get no respect.

Spinning, Rina-chan and Kelly duet, Trixie double mashup, and Vinyl vs. DJ Pon-3...
Need I say more? Mashups after the break, yo!

1. DEGRAD31NG - You Spin My Records
2. Flo Rida vs. Silva Hound ft. Rina-chan vs. Kelly Clarkson - Club Can't Handle Strong Hooves
3. Alex S. - Trixie the Ponytroll (Monki's remix)
4. U No Get Hectic (Stalker Pony mash-up)

My Little Bronies: Reactions Are Magic - Episode 1

Another episode of the react series is here and- wait... This isn't ACRacebet! Well, at least it's ACRacebet approved and it looks like anyone has a shot at joining this react series... Click here or go after the break to check out the first episode of this new react series from BronyBassCannon as well as finding out how you, too, can join in on future react episodes later in the video...

Friendship is Magic Season One DVD Box Set US Available Today

For those who like disc versions and commentaries of their favorite shows, we've got some good news.  The Shout! Factory US Release of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season One is now officially released! All twenty six episodes are available across four discs including commentaries on several episodes. I'm sure many stores near you will have them in stock, but for those who would like to purchase it online, they can go here. Thank you  TRS for the heads up!

Comics : Switched / an alternate use / Rarity vs Slenderman 4 / Rhyming Issues

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got the regal sisters at the spa, the wise Zecora, Rhyming, and more slenderman. Read em' after the break!

Spike at Your Service synopsis revealed

Zap2It has revealed the synopsis for episode 10, Spike at Your Service. Go past the break if you don't care about spoilers.