Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nightly Megathread #77

Hello everyone. Sorry I wasn't here to help over the weekend. I've had a busy weekend and couldn't help that much. Tomorrow things will be back to normal. Anyways, I'v got something you may or may not know. Wild Fire may have been apart of Wonderbolt Academy episode at one point. Go past the break to look at the evidence.

Music: Mirage / Parasprite Rag / Accepted / Fallen Apprentice / The Magic Duel

Swatteam: Come little commenters, into the music post! Trust me, it makes facing your fears much easier when you've got music to go with it...

We got an Arabic instrumental esq music and the Parasprite Polka Rag from The8BitBrony...

FPLOON: We also have a song that the artist said was "completely rejected from EqD", an instrumental with feels to be had, and an awesome collab from Thomas H. and ZANDER...

Swatteam: Why are you still reading this? The musics are waiting for you to listen to them!

1.) Legends Box - Mirage
2.) Parasprite Rag [2 Part Ragtime Battle!]
3.) Neighsayer - Accepted
4.) Zykrath - Fallen Apprentice
5.) Thomas H. and ZANDER - The Magic Duel

Poll Results: Sleepless in Ponyville

The results are in and, if I were Radio right now, I would assume that the 9 who didn't vote for the first choice wished there was a "THE BEST THING EVER + LUNA!!!" or something...

More results after the headless break! Ooooo~

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #92


A dog/puppy is exactly what Chrysalis needed... Their loyalty to their owners knows no bounds!

Inb4 A dog becomes the next Rainbow Dash... Oh wait...

Oh, Artsy-Wartsy~
The Arts... The Arts are calling~

PMV: My Little Scrubs: Guy Love/ Mad Mares/ Silly Little Group of Friends

There's an inside joke somewhere in this...

We got (more) Scrubs, (another) Mad Mares PMV, and Queen. You can't go wrong with these PMVs, so check out how great they are after the break..

1. My Little Scrubs: Guy Love
2. Mad Mares PMV (Mad Worlds Parody by Feather Pony) [Thanks for 600+ Subs]
3. [PMV] - Silly Little Group of Friends

Wonderbolts Academy Episode Review

All right then, soldier!  Are you gonna sit there all droopy-eyed, staring at the "read more" button, or are you gonna man up and take responsibility?  You've no doubt seen the new episode, so you have absolutely no excuse not to educate yourself on a complete stranger's personal opinion!  Just march yourself on past the break, and find out whether this episode was Wonderbolt material, or just another rookie giving big talk.

Animation : Wonderflop Academy

I think it's clear from this animation that RD wasn't mean to to be a wonderbolt. Check out the horrible truth after the break!.

Flash: Apple Timer Bomb

After the incident with timed traps in One Bad Apple, the CMC take it to the next level and decide to try it with C4 to get their cutie marks in demolition. See it here or after the break.