Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nightly Megathread #151

(Tonight's Nightly Megathread contains the final battle between FPLOON and the Program... There's a quick little recap for those who have no idea what is about to happen tonight as well as what is usually in a Nightly Megathread, of course...)



Just some nice art, divided into panels with a bit of text. Read it. If that's okay with you...

Random Pinkie Appreciation Post

Pinkie Pie Peekaboo by ~RenaissanceBrony

Well, there. Have fun with everyone's favorite pink poneh. Because of reasons.
Oh, and you better not contradict... Swat watches you.
Just... express your platonic love for Pinkie in the comments. Yeah, that works...

Game: Sweetie Bot's Pixel Trip

~futzi01 on deviantArt, creator of awesome flash stuff, made a new game.
This time, you control Sweetie Bot jumping over the digital data stream from one bit to another.
Accompanied by catchy music, of course.
It's a bit laggy for me, but that might be just my computer. It's still fun!

Find it embedded after the break or here on dA.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #182

Well, my deviantArt works for now. I wasn't surprised at the amount of deviations I found. However, I was surprised at the low amount that made it into this post... Less than 10%. Usually it's at least about one third...
Oh well, good for your RAM.

Mashup (The Music Hour Side-Series) With FPLOON

You don't know me,
you're too old let go
its over, nobody listens to techno
Now let's go

Ah... Welcome to "Mashup With FPLOON", a "The Music Hour" side-series brought to you by FPLOON... Now, enjoy 5 MLP/Brony mashups for your indecisive-genre listening pleasure... (even though you can put a genre on some of these, anyway...)

1. DJ Ghetto Headphones This Mashup is so Good
Giggle at the House...
2. CHANG31ING Here We Go/Stroke of Red [Re-Mixed]
It's the Icky mix... re-fixed...
3. OneWingPegasus Pinkie's Sugar Rush (Pinkies Lie + Pixel Rush Mashup)
Some Wooden Toaster mashuping...
4. WongEdanSuper My Little Pony (Alex S. Remix) vs. Planet Wisp (Act 1)
A mashup that goes one step further upon listening...
5. meetsouder Nightmare Night / Luna Symphonic-Piano Mashup
A "metamorphosis"-style mashup, in my opinion...

Bronydoc Aids Unicon

It looks like John De Lancie, Michael Brockhoff, and all the others involved in the Brony Documentary have stepped up to help in the wake of LPU, selling copies of the documentary autographed by Tara Strong and Lauren Faust to help cover LPU's expenses. Check out the update on their Kickstarter page for more info, or check after the break for Copypasta. We thank them for their involvement in that relief effort and wish them the best of luck.