Monday, November 26, 2012

Nightly Megathread #58

Hello again everypony! It's me, Twilight Sparkle. Surprised to see me again so soon? I saw that all of you enjoyed my post from a few nights ago and I enjoyed making it, so here I am again. Oh and Robotbob is here too.
Robotbob: Yo.
Twilight: Now that the introductions are out of the way, let's start this megathread!

Mega Music Post #21

Yeah, You're going to be seeing a lot of her.
Music enthusiasts take note.  We've got another Mega Music post, and boy is it a doozy.  So just click past the break, and let the music wash over you.

1.) ViFFeX - I Miss You
2.) Babs Seed (BreadH3ad remix)
3.) Babs Seed Pop Punk cover by DannyBrony
4.) MLP:FIM - Babs Seed (Acapella)
5.) Neu KatalYst - Babs Seed ( Hide and Bail Remix)
6.) Bab's Good Time [Babs Seed + Owl City Mashup]
7.) Babs Seed [Remixed/Remade by NomNom]
8.) Apples of My Eye (Risen Remix)
9.) The Ballad of the Crystal Empire ( Colt Version)
10.) Babs Seed and TheLivingTombstone Boss Battle Theme
11.) CMC - Babs Seed (JayB's Bath Seat Remix)
12.) Just Listen - Cornstep
13.) MScoot - Bad Seed (REMIX)
14.) Babs Seed/Brain Stew (Mashup Demo)

PMV: The Final Goodbye/Solaris Phase 2/It's In God's Hands Now/Equestria-Official Trailer (Fanmade)

Are you in a deep funk?  Have you not had a song stuck in your head for ages?  Gone without ponies for an entire hour?  Fear not, for the Cutie Mark Crusaders have arrived with a couple of great videos in tow.  If you don't watch them all, Sweetie's going to have to cry again.  No, seriously.

1.) pmv the final goodbye
2.) solaris phase 2
3.) PMV- It's in God's Hands Now
4.) Equestria - Official Trailer (fanmade)

Random Post (hypotheticals for the heck of it)

Example of a random image from MyLittleFaceWhen

Ok, we haven't had anything really random recently, so why not?  Go to MyLittleFaceWhen, find a random reaction pic, and post it in the comments. Just because he can, Discord has teleported you to Equestria: that reaction pic is the first thing you see in Equestria, and with the character(s) depicted in it you must go on a journey to defeat Discord. And of course, as with any post like this, the object to your left is the thing with which you must battle Discord. How screwed are you?

And remember folks, to post an image in your comment you must use <img src=""> , and put the URL of the image itself, and not the page the image is on, into the quotation marks.

Plushies and Customs #6


Welcome to another Plushie and Custom post: Wonderbolts edition! Whoever is making these plushies are on Spit-fire!  (Dammit Mike. You got me doing it now.) See them after the break.

Comic Post #65: Stylish Revenge / A New Member / New Recruit

Rigging Test: Lyra by ~Regulith

This reminds me of that Noah's Arc ride/walkthrough thing at Kennywood, Pennsylvania.... so that's that. Speaking of arcs, comics after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #63

That is all

Look ~art~ below! ... Terrible pun? Terrible pun

Music : Babs Seed Song (Vocals Only) / Life's a Blur / Pinkaminka

We got some music for you, and it isn't all Babs remixes! We got just the vocals ripped from the actual Babs Seed song, some piano, then a Pinkie song. Go and listen to them after the break!

1.) Babs Seed Song (Vocals Only) 1080p
2.) Life's a Blur - 1
3.) Hirosashii - Pinkaminka

Fanfic: Swine Flew

[Comedy]  [Slice of Life]

Porkmetheus is an exceptional pig, and Ponyville's most energetic porcine resident. After an accident sparks his tiny imagination, he wonders if, maybe, he too could fly!
A short one-shot inspired by One Bad Apple and the opening of Too Many Pinkie Pies.

Animation : Babs Seed and Brutaloo / Diamond Tiara's Evolution

We got two random funny vids today. The first one is pretty brutal, the second one a pokemon parody. Go and watch em' after the break!

comics : Worth a Pun / The CMC-Team / One Bad Joke / Movie Night / Evil Plan

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got puns, the C-TEAM, another serious comic, movie night with Bon Bon and Lyra, and Applejack being sinister. Read em' after the break!

Babs Seed - CMC Version (The Living Tombstone's Remix)

Looks like we got another Living Tombstone remix to start your morning. Seems like he is pumping out music like none other. Go and listen to it after the break!