Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nightly Megathread #18

Do you want to know why I like having my Nightly Megathreads on Thursdays? I can stay up all night without worrying about those repercussions that are suppose to happen*... if they're are any...

*also I do not have classes on Fridays...

"I heard you break pages..."



PMV/Intro: Loyalty/ What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse/ My 7 Little Samurai: Rice is Magic/~Heart of a Child~ PMV/[PMV] Trixie's Good Side

We got a bunch of PMVs, including a trailer to one of my favorite animes to date. Check them out after the break!

1. Loyalty [PMV]
2. [PMV] What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse (No embedding?)
3. My 7 Little Samurai: Rice is Magic
4. ~Heart of a Child~ PMV
5. [PMV] Trixie's Good Side

Pink Mantis

Warning! Spoilers below!

       Mrponiator has done it again. Watch his latest animation on MGS and ponies now!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #10

0. UnicorBubbles

Music : So many Fluttershys / Assembly [Sweetie Bot] / TeiThePony - Sins of the Solar Empire / Angel with a shotgun / Cannon de Bass

It has been a little while since we made a music post. Listen to some music after the break while we plan our season 3 party.

1.) So Many Fluttershys (So Many Wonders Remix)
2.) Assembly [Sweetie Bot] An electronic symphony
3.) TeiThePony - Sins of the Solar Empire (feat. MicTheMicrophone)
4.) MLP MEP Angel with a shotgun OPEN 2/14
5.) Cannon de Bass - Constep

When the Ponies Cry

And now for something a little different.  It's a PMV done with flash animation in a very... anime style.  To a Japanese song, of course.  So if you're in the mood for some crying and staring wistfully into the distance, by all means, move on past the break.

Equestria LA Plan of Events Released!

(Part of the EQLA banner)

So EQLA has released their schedule of events! If you're going there or interested in EQLA's plans, go check it out here!

Miniature Discussion post #2

So that first miniature discussion post was indeed miniature, restricted in it's discussion a bit by some good last-minute points Sweetie Bot made. Hopefully this one will be slightly larger, though still miniature. Anyways FPLOON wanted me to discuss the relation of change to the brony community. So I shall, after the page break.

The Hub Confirms season 3 date!!

                The Hub has finally confirmed the date for November 10th!! Go here for more info!

Music: Opposite Attraction/ Pinkamena Diane Pie-Concerto for Violin and Piano (Sad, Madness and Go Back)/ Smile Smile Smile [country cover]

Don't you know I'm Trevor Belmont? I'll kill you.
I've got a whip, I've got my crucifix.
I could use some Taco Belmont, I'm hungry,
I'm sick of turkey, I need tacos, bitch!

We got some orchestral wonderment and a country cover of that Smile song... Check them out after the break!

1. DJ Syntax - Opposite Attraction
2. Pinkamena Diane Pie-Concerto for Violin and Piano (Sad, Madness and Go Back)
3. Smile Smile Smile [country cover]

Meghan McCarthy all but confirms the release date article

             She is definitely on the up and up about the big news. Check out her Twitter here for more info.

Is it safe now?

I think it's finally over... FREEDOM!

Entertainment weekly announces season 3 to air on November 10th!!!!

                     Find the info here!!!! I hope this is true. We still need confirmation on this from the Hub.


M.A. Larson, a writer has been interviewed by Everfree Radio. Go and watch it while I get a cup of coffee.

The end of Radio's takeover

Oh my gosh we made it through the horrible Pinkie drought, let this never happen again! Now celebrate with Pinkie everyone!
...This gif is so bucking cute!