Friday, May 31, 2013

Music (5/31/13)

I'll so forget to change the month in the title next time.
Anyway, listen to Facexplodie's song. SGaP himself approved it.
It's a wonderful song, really.

Aviators feat. Bronyfied Heroes (Cover by GatoPaint) Vocal Rock
CaptainFluffatun Faceoff (Cherax Destructor's Final Fight Mix) Orchestral-based trap(?)
Coconeru Feat. Feather The Most Beautiful Mare In The Room ( Flight Of The Conchords Parody ) Acoustic Vocal
Delta Brony Daring Do and the Hourglass of Pyramid Cave Instrumental
DoctorQuiroga Hush Now, Quiet Now (End of Our Days Mix) Trance
Facexplodie You're Home Vocal
Haymaker & Tsyolin ft. EileMonty Honesty Vocal Acoustic Country
Koroshi-Ya Feel The Bass House Rap
Metapony Element of Kindness House
Radiarc Shadows of the Lightning Epic Orchestral

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #268 + Comics

0 (Source)
What's the difference between a ponysona and a pony OC?
Ponysonas are OCs, but OCs aren't necessarily ponysonas, right?
Or is one just another word for the other?

Picture not related, but cute.