Monday, January 14, 2013

Nightly Megathread #106

Fun Fact: This header is technically killing two birds with one stone...

Expect another Luna header this week...

Animations: Love is in Bloom (Music Video) / Flying Fluttershy / Derpy Hooves
Animations... what were you expecting more? |There is more, you just have to pass the break|

Artsy #130

1 (source)

I guess we aren't going to hold back on [Dark] headers, are we? More art, some funny, some dark, after the break.

New Amazon DVD

Twilight Sparkle Angry by ~Ivan-Chan

Another DVD has popped up on Amazon (US and Canada only, haha! Also, thank you DHN for reporting on it), and it's pretty general with all its information. Have you guys ever wondered how Twilight Sparkle came to reside in Ponyville? I know I have. /sarcasm

There's also a pretty strange description to go along with it. I don't doubt it's just a random Amazon employee that is generally under-educated, but here it is anyways after the break. 

Mane 6 Additional Update

Mane6 has updated once again! It's about the EVO thing you may have seen by now on EqD. Check it out on their page here! It might be informative to see their side of things.

Comics: Why So Little Sombra/ .:Still bigger villain than Sombra:./ My Little Doctor Whooves Comic/ Thief's Tales - Life of the Party

Comic header for a Comic post. So clever...
Actually I just didn't have an idea for a header or time to search one and this was within reach.

It's time for Sombra again. We have two comics featuring him this time.
And more. After the break.

Artsy #129

In search of the pure, in search of the light
I miss those arms that held me tight
A pleasant breeze while time stands still
To venture forward I have the will

No, this Artsy doesn't have a [Dark] tag.
As always, magic occurs after the break.
I'll gaze at the header in the meantime.

Mixed Media: Sleepless in Ponyville Parodies/ Betrayal/ Game Grumps/ Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu

Fluttershy's reaction to these videos

Do you like random nonsense? No? Then why are you here? Some random mixed media for you today. A parody of Sleepless in Ponyville, one of those cool remix of voice clips, some Game Grumps ponified (NSFW language on these two), and some FiMFlamFilosophy. See 'em after the break.

  1. A Compilation of Parodies in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 3 Episode 6 by Omgodds
  2. Idemand - Betrayed (Remix n Stuff) by IdemandoChris
  3. Grumpy Ponies - Eat the Peas by DerpySlurpy
  4. Grumpy Ponies - Too Scared by  DerpySlurpy
  5. Tubby Wubby Pony Waifu by FiMFlamFilosophy

Music: Boo Hoo / The Last Drop / The Temple of Ice / Pony Concerto #2

Art after the break! Let lyra play you... The song of her people! (see what I did there?)
  1. Boo Hoo
  2. The Last Drop
  3. The Temple of Ice
  4. Pony Concerto #2

RDP: My Little Dashie

Rainbow Dash Presents has released the long-awaited-for My Little Dashie narration/"dramatic reading"! Check it out here or after the break!