Monday, February 25, 2013

Nightly Megathread #148

I feel like going to a Brony Bowling meetup so that I can bowl just like a bowling pony... Sure, I may break a few "non-pins" in the process, but I'm sur-

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The Music Hour (Monday Edition)

But don't knock me for tryin to bury
seven zeros, over in Rio Dijanery
Ain't nobody's hero, but I wanna be heard
on your Hot 9-7 everyday, that's my word

Welcome to another "The Music Room"... One half remixes... The other half original... This post is split like a banana... and I ain't trolling, mind you... Now, you go give your ears the helm this time...

1. Retrotype I've got to find a way (Chillout Remix) Chill
2. General Mumble Raise This Barn RMX Dance
3. Legendary ElectroColt Stage Ambient Metal
4. RainbowRapper Into Canterlot Rap
5. SleepingCobrox Queen Chrysalis Takeover Electronic (Glitch-Trance)
6. AssertiveFluttershy Boooring (Blu3Mixed Remix) Dubstep

Interview with Discord's Domain available

In case you missed Sunday's Babble with Bronies, it's now available on demand.
Some of us mods were there for the interview.
It was rather entertaining.

So, have it embedded after the break.

Crowdsourced Q&A: Adlynh

Another interview? You bet your muffins another interview! This time, it's Brony artist Adlynh. You can check other works like the header above from this artist here. As for the norm for these interviews, if you have any questions for Adlynh, then leave them in the comments below. Then, tune in this Wednesday as Shuupadoopdoop interviews this artist via livestream! Remember, the questions you leave will decide how this interview goes down...

Convention: Cutie Mark Con

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fillies and Gentlecolts, Cutie Mark Con is pleased to be bringing Cincinnati, Ohio a unique and wonderful experience. Cutie Mark Con will be May 31 - June 2, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Cincinnati North. There are many guests announced, with more yet to come. visit us at for more information
Or look past the break for some more copypasta and summaries.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #179


PMVs For Your Case Of Mondays

What is it about ponies and giant robotic death machines that makes them go together so well? Your recommended dosage of PMVs below. Take some time to check them out. "Rise and Fall" in particular is quite well done.

TheRainbowDash20 Stay In Shadow Just Surrender
CobaltSky7 I Put A Spell On You Bette Midler
MylittleponyGoldG Yes LMFAO
TrollBerries For The Love Of The Game Pillar
Pinkamenadianepie0 Last Friday Night Katy Perry
Pinkamenadianepie0 Super Bass* Nicki Minaj
*Warning: Explicit Lyrics
XxThePegasisterxX Love The Way You Lie** Rihanna
**Warning: Gore
RatchetLover1998 Rise and Fall Adventure Club
Rarity Belle Into The Fire Dokken
Barkley1693 So Small Carrie Underwood

New [Licensed] Pony Toys A-Coming

See that? That is a Paint-and-Style Fluttershy, where you paint a Fluttershy-shaped clay model and then decorate it with stickers on the body and clips in the mane... In other words, you can literally stylize the Fluttershy you've ever wanted... Now, to wait for the other ponies to have their own versions of these...

But, wait... THERE'S MORE! Go right after the breaky-break to see some more new pony merch, courtesy of DHN...