Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nightly Megathread #46

FlutterPout by ~Animalsss

Got lots of sweets and treats for you tonight... |now go past the break so Fluttershy won't be sad...|

Comic post #47: Special Treatment / Cloning Pinkie / Rainbow's Advice / Rounded to the Nearest Mega-Fonzie

Have some late night comics featuring the mane 6, Pinkie being Pinkie, and advice and math with Dash.
Read em' after the break!

Super Smash Ponies UPDATE!!

Well, this took me by surprise... It looks like SSP is getting a revamp, AKA, getting a complete overhaul! They are starting again from 0% to improve our game’s quality.  A new build is currently underway, one with higher quality graphics to match the show, and better coding to make the game run smoother. Go here for the complete update, or past the break for some copy pasta.

Music: King Sombra Shall Fall / Crystal Empire Suite / King Sombra Vs. The Crystal Empire / Above the world

Vocal music for beating King Sombra, Crystal Empire piano improvisation, Drumstep for Sombra, and space music!

1.) King Sombra Shall Fall (Original Song)
2.) Crystal Empire Suite (Piano Improvisation)
3.) King Sombra Vs. The Crystal Empire - Error404
4.) Equestrian Space - Above the world

Sweet Apple Acres Con 2013

See the full announcement here or the copypasta after the break.
Whichever one you prefer.

H8_Seed- The Pickup (Sim Gretina Remix)

I always found it funny how well known brony musicians always remix each others' songs. I'm starting to think it is all a perfectly calculated plan for them to become famous...


One of said remixes is after the the break.

Daniel Ingram Interview has interviewed the music composer that we all know and love. The one, the only, Daniel Ingram.

See here or the copypasta after the break.

Flash: Go

A wonderful animation that features some very familiar faces if you go to Tumblr a lot.

See it HERE!


Up next, we have a gaggle of unspecified animations/ponification vids. Such includes a commercial, Rarity and Sombra being fabulous, and TF2. Go and watch em all after the break!

Discussion post #16: Alicorn Twi Speculation

Discussion post out of nowhere; about future Twilight! No, not the Metal Gear reference!

Comic post #46: Rarity finds a new filed / Kindergarten days 18 / Pinky and the 4th wall... AGAIN! / Dont Mine Me

I have to agree with Rarity. There is no such thing as too much coffee. 5 cups a day is minimum for me. We also have some Luna and Slender, plus some Pinkie and the 4th wall and the element of generosity. Enjoy after the break!

Artsy Wartsy Stuff #45


Art, Art, everywhere! ... And honestly not much else.

Fanfic: Cutie Mark Crusader Alcoholics!


The cutie mark crusaders want to be grown-up mares like Applebloom's big sister, Applejack.
So when Applebloom finds out that Applejack has a secret cider stash, and Applejack tells her it's "For adults only" the crusaders decide that if they drink it, they'll be adults too. What could possibly go wrong?

Cutie Mark Crusader Alcoholics!

Game: Cadance Toss

You ever wanna chuck a pony? Well now you can. Toss Cadance and fly as far as you can while picking up crystal hearts and avoiding black crystals. Play it here.

My Little Pony: Dota 2

I don't play Dota , but this video is epic non the less. Give it a watch after the break!