Friday, November 9, 2012

Nightly Megathread #41

They're coming...

Okay... I can do this... I know I'm excited for Season 3, but I got to focus... I got a Nightly Megathread to uphold...

Okay... Let's do this...

SPOILERS! Speculation/guessing Season Premiere contest

As you can tell, spoilers be past the page break. With the Season 3 premiere within a few hours, we can safely assume there will be no more previews or promos. With that being said, all the spoiler videos are compiled in this post. We are also having a contest. Go past the page break if you dare.

Comic Post #37: Parasprites / Gentle push / Piefall / Dental Priorities / Robot-shining! / Just Lovely

by ~spicyhamsandwich

Comics Galore! |Look at the header... now you cannot resist going past the break|

Anime Vegas Adds Tara and Tabitha

So yeah; apparently Tara Strong and Tabitha St. Germain will be going to Anime Vegas tomorrow through monday! More info here. If you happen to be going, you're gonna have a [good] time!

In other news, there was ultimately no season 3 preview a week early due to hurricane Sandy. Looks like the characters from Spongebob are jealous of MLP:FiM's popularity. I highly doubt a hurricane in Vegas though.

Artsy-Wartsy Post #42

Cheerilee as Mary Poppins? Of course I'll ask why this wasn't done sooner. She's lookin' swagger in that hat too. The Artsy is a little short today but just a lil'.

Toonzone talks about the best episode ever.

You probably have an episode of MLP picked out that you believe to be the best episode ever. The people over at Toonzone have written an article in which each of them tell the which is the "best episode" in their eyes and why it is. It almost seems like a Trig rant and Mike discussion post wrapped up in one. Go here for the article.

Story: The Keepers of Discord

The Keepers of Discord by Hoopy McGee

Description: You'd think that being trapped in stone would mean that, if nothing else, I could get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, it seems that Celestia has other ideas.
She has appointed these ponies... these 'Keepers', as she calls them, to keep me entertained during my incarceration.
Honestly? I'd prefer the boredom.

Type: Sad, random, Slice of Life

Music: Flying High /Octavia Befriends Vinyl Scratch Song. / At the Season / Industrial Sector 1

Have some electro music, vocal Scratch and Tavi song, At The Galla season 3 parody, and some Dead Space atmosphere.

1.) GatoPaint - Flying High ( Electro Song ) [ Original ]
2.) Octavia Befriends with Vinyl Scratch Song.
3.) At the Season - Deathbycupcakes
4.) Equestrian space - Industrial Sector 1

PMV: ROUND AND ROUND / She's Actual Size / Let Me Go / Sailor Moon Theme

Sweetie Belle commands you to watch these PMV's.

A PMV with crazy effects yo, Applejack is actual size, Let Me Go PMV, and a Sailor Moon theme PMV.
Check it!

1.) [PMV] - ROUND AND ROUND (Imagine Dragons)
2.) PMV - She's Actual Size
3.) [PMV] Let Me Go
4.) PMV - Sailor Moon Theme

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #41

This (alongside the Lyra and Bon Bon GIFs) would make the best loading screen ever. Period.

More brony art after the break.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic / Littlest Pet Shop (Promo) - The Hub

If you are like me, you don't get the Hub and you don't get to see all the promos from the Hub either. The Hub has released one of their promos for the premiere of littlest pet shop. Watch it after the break.

Season 3 Countdown: 24 hours remain

The Top Ten Pony Videos of October 2012

You guys voted, so here they are. The top Ten Pony Videos of October 2012! Watch who made it to the top ten after the break and a list of both the winners and honorable mentions.


Who doesn't like pie? To start off your morning, how about a game starring your favorite pie eating pony and of course, pies. The game has you playing as Soarin'. The main goal is to eat as many pies as you can without getting hit by Discord's craziness. Go here to play the game.

Stream Countdown has Begun!

Everybody! Everybody wants to be a cat!
Daring Request by ~professor-ponyarity

Guys! Guys! There's this little thing called My Little Pony season three and it's airing tomorrow! *squee* Now, how does one prepare for such an event? Watch ponies of course! The 10 hour countdown to our stream of seasons one and two at 11:30 a.m. PST (Blog time) has begun. So get in there and get ready for the biggest flow of ponies you have ever experienced.