Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Nightly Megathread #93

I was giving the request for an Applejack header... Then, I though about Mass Effect... and here we are...

Where we're going... we don't need breaks!

Artsy #108

lol... classic lyra jokes. Anyways, there's actually more art today, so here's an additional art post.

Fabulous Music: Equestria Space - Steel Symphony / Flutter Christmas Tree / Louder to the Yay (Element6 Remix)

♫ Music time! 

1. Equestrian Space - Steel Symphony by Legendary
2. Flutter Christmas Tree by UnderKeel
3. Louder to the Yay (Element6 Remix) by skipthirteen

Artsy #107


Shadesofeverfree does a good job with those wallpapers. More art, and a few more wallpapers, and an important announcement, after the break!

Comics: Happy Hearth's Year / The End Year / So Long! Farewell! And Thanks for all the Ponies!

Pinkie's moustache by *Alasou

I feel there are about three iconic references in this one image. Only possible by Pinkie Pie. Comics after the break.