Friday, October 12, 2012

Nightly Megathread #13

Pinkie, how did you raise the sun? Nevermind don't answer that.

Aw yeah, guess who's bringing the night to ya this time!? You know whats to expect after that page break so just prepare yourself for it.

Discussion: Video Game

We (Blog6) are probably going to make a video game based on us... we need you to tell us you Ideas below the break, (along with some of ours)

Music: Rainbow Factory Spanish Version

lol, Spanish. Yo puedo hablar espaƱol, un poco. Entonces eso es interesante para mi.
As for music... It is not quite so relevant to my interests... but I hear wubs in there, so I approve!

SFM: Rainbow's Prank

Is this the prank of all pranks? You decide.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #5


WHO IS READY FOR ANOTHER ARTSY-*hit with lightning*
Ow... Break the after out it check...

PMV: My Little Disney: Just Around the River Bend / Pinkie-Pie-$TYLE / Miss Rarity - Put Your Hearts Up

Time for PMV's and I shall provide... enjoy MLD, Miss Rarity, and Gangnam Style... (your not sick of that are you? |check it out after the break|

Music: Sins of the Solar Empire (Nicolas Dominique's Earth Pony Remix)/ The voice of nature/ Discord (LTS SNES Remix)

I'm gonna go to sleep
gonna lay in my bed
Got candy canes and other ****
runnin' deep in my head

Two remixes and a vocal-like instrumental... Yeah, it's a variety in this music post, so check then out after the break...

1. TeiThePony - Sins of the Solar Empire (Nicolas Dominique's Earth Pony Remix)
2. Fluttershy - The voice of nature
3. Eurobeat Brony - Discord (LTS SNES Remix)

Fallout Equestria RPG game

There's a Fallout Equestria RPG game that's in it's pre-alpha stages right now, it needs some more people to work on it, and we all want this game to become a reality, so send in a hand!
(Swatteam does not take responsibility for you losing a hand from taking that literally)
Click here for the main site.

Pinkie Pie is best Sam Fisher

Click past that pesky page break for some epic spoilery stuff.

Another Pony RPG In The Works

DrLonePony has been developing a Pony RPG for some time now... See the latest update of this after the break or click here for all of the previous updates...

Comic Post #8: Helpful Airborne / Top Mares / Kindergarten days 8

Well okay then.
Dashie Shake by Foxy-Noxy

Do you guys have any idea how slow comics have been as of late? Maybe I should subscribe to even more artists. It's really either that or start posting the gigantic multiparters. After a day and then some of wait, have some comics after the break.

Discussion: EQM game

So here's the gist of it: us Bloggle bloggers have been thinking of our own game... but we don't know what it'd be, will it be a fighting game, will it be an adventure game where we have to (somehow) work together to stop a greater evil, or will it just be us in a Dance Dance Revolution type game where we can dance against each other and you can purposely make us flop all over the screen for your amusement? Discuss in that comment section made of chicken wings and candy canes...

PMV/Trailer: Pinkie-Pie-$TYLE/ Rainbow Dash So What/ Stamp on the Ground/ Ponies of the Caribbean: On Stranger Shorse

We got three PMVs and a Trailer... First up, it's [You guessed it!] again, follow by Rainbow Dash being awesome, a PMV with a twist(?), and wrap it up with a ponified trailer for that last POTC movie... Check out these bad boys after the break, yo...

1. Pinkie-Pie-$TYLE (pmv)
2. PMV Rainbow Dash So What
3. PMV Stamp on the Ground
4. Ponies of the Caribbean: On Stranger Shorse

Music: Nightmare Night (CrazySMT Remix)/ Hopeful/ Serenity

Yes the lantern burn, burn it easy
And broadcast, so raw and neatly
Thunder roll, sunshine, work it out~

We got a remix and two instrumentals this time. Nightmare Night, a song that reminds me of credits for a video game, and finish off with a relaxing track... Check them out after the break...

1. WoodenToaster- Nightmare Night (CrazySMT Remix)
2. Hopeful
3. Serenity

Super Smash Ponies Updates

We got some update from the Smash Ponies game... Check out the video after the break...

Mashup: Bad Luna/ Ultimate Sweetie Smash-Up/ Flutterborn/Welcome

Now this looks like a job for me
So everybody just follow me
Cuz we need a little controversy
Cuz it feels so empty without me

4 mashups, 3 videos, 2 mashup post (like this one) so far, and all of them done by me, FPLOON? Seems legit... Anyway, we have a two-for-one Touhou/Eurobeat mashup in the first one, follow by Alex S. vs. 12 other artist for "ultimate"... something... And wrap it all up with a Twitch mashup with himself... Check then out after the break... or not... "The power is yours!"

1. Touhou vs. Eurobeat Brony - Bad Luna [Two mashups in one video]
2. Alex S. vs. 12 artist - Ultimate Sweeite Smash-up
3. Chang31ing - Flutterborn/Welcome