Thursday, May 16, 2013

Twilight's Game

Ender's Game + Ponies = Awesome. Solid math for you right there.

Music (5/16/13)

I can't even genre.
Also, Coconeru released an album. I put the first song here, find the others on his channel.

On a side note, apparently TheoryBrony will be homeless as of today. I feel like seeing someone losing his home at least once in two weeks. Does that really happen so often in the USA or what's going on over there?

Aoshi Awoken Overdrive (A re-imagining of "Awoken" by H8Seed + WoodenToaster) Vocal
Cherax Destructor Cupcake (cxdr edit) Alternative
Coconeru EP - 01 Divided We Stand Dubstep
Dimondium Raise This Barn: D (Harmonic) Minor Instrumental
D1scordant I'll Make A Friendship Problem Industrial
Equestrian Lord Everfree (Album Version) Vocal Acoustic
JayB I Love Everything (3ight8it Remix) Electro
Perfect Harmony Till The End Orchestral
Ptepix Empire Orchestral
Sim Gretina Rare Diamonds (Risen Remix) Vocal
TeiThePony feat. MicTheMicrophone Sins of the Solar Empire (Hangin's Remix) Electro

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #254 + Comics

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What's wrong with my screen today. Everything's flashing. Damn overlapping windows.
But that doesn't make the art any less appealing and pleasant.

[Flash] Applejack Drop

Who's a silly pony?