Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nightly Megathread #49

Twilit Flight by =90Sigma

It seems Bob got the day shift and I got the night shift today, heh.

I am one of the many that speculate Luna is going to become a mentor for Twilight in all things Alicorn and magic. We know something's coming to a head based on the premiere, it's just a matter of what. Nightly Megathread after the break!

Trig's Ultimate Comic

Guys! EPIC COMIC! Click here now!!

Comic Post #50: Best Day Ever / Cause Tomorrow Spring is Here / Dys. Equestria: Brony Birthday / Last Drink

Pinkie's Notebook Exploitable by *TheHolyTuna

Well, I went to see Lincoln, and whadduya know, billions of comics were posted. Though, I would suspect most of you have already seen them, so how 'bout just some of the very newest of comics? Find them after the earthquake break.

Flash: The Last Pinkie

I have yet another Pinkie animation for you guys! It's about... Eh. I'll you guys figure it our yourselves.
 See it here.

I demand to see as many animations when the Twi vs Trixie episode comes.

Ponycraft- Bugs Suck

In the pony RTS that is in development, Derpy is well... Derping. I feel that I must play Geddan in the background for this intsead.

The demo will be released on November 24.

Flash: Way Too Many Pinkies

Can't get enough Pinkie? Or are you tired of it? Whatever your answer was, I DON'T GIVE A FLYING DUCKY ABOUT IT!


Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #50


If I saw through the nightmare door in the S3E1 I would see one of the following
1. Twi corrupted by dark magic
2. An army of Derpies
3. Me drowning in the nearly infinite pool of  art that bronies make.

Another Artsy after the break. WARNING: may contain fingers

Fun Fun Fun Videos

FUNFUNFUNFUN videos showcasing Pinkie's (Pinkies'?) shenanigans are after the break.

1. My Little Funnerific: Fun is Fun! 
3. Too Many Pinkie Fingers

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #49

Swat's dream has finally come true... So much Pinkie everywhere...

I'm surprised that their collective existence hasn't broken the fourth wall so hard that they'd be able to spill into our world.

Too much art after the break.

Super Smash Ponies (Mini) Update

Well, it looks like the music portion of the Super Smash Ponies game is going to be a mixture of Nintendo, pony-related, and original content. But, it looks like they still need some help. Click here to read the write-up, or go pass the break to find out what you can do to help...

Episode 3 recap/screenshot discussion

In this post, I have compiled most/all of the screen shots that could be note worthy. Pointing out a few things I have noticed. Go for after the break for the Pink!

Hyper-Condensed Highlights - SE3E3

Anyways, just a quick note: the episode was released early on iTunes today, and uploaded to Youtube even before it aired. You can check it out here if you wish. Lots of other versions will be uploaded in the coming hours, but until they show up you might as well check out the episode there.

right then: episode highlights after the break (times rounded down to allow for some error):

Nightly Megathread #48

Oh me oh my, look at the time, it's a Nightly Megathread late, but you can still feast your eyes! For lateness just means more goodies to bring, and bring I shall, in the middle of the night! Hmmm sounds like a metal song almost... if I was trying to rhyme. 'Cause I totally wasn't.
These working conditions are outrageous!