Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hyper-Condensed Highlights - SE3E3

Anyways, just a quick note: the episode was released early on iTunes today, and uploaded to Youtube even before it aired. You can check it out here if you wish. Lots of other versions will be uploaded in the coming hours, but until they show up you might as well check out the episode there.

right then: episode highlights after the break (times rounded down to allow for some error):

  1. More mushroom tables - but where are the Smurfs?
  2. Orange animals FTW!
  3. Mirror pool is best ASHPD portal!... But why is it surrounded by crinoids?
  4. Tea party with a bear? Eeyup, Fluttershy's a badass.
  5. Meteorologically correct weather: Fog = Clouds
  6. lPinkie is Gak at (~3:00), draped over the chair like that... lol, sorry, it was too tempting
  7. Twilight's work is never over (~4:40) (inb4 daft punk references)
  8. "the fun has been doubled" is now a canon in-joke (~6:40)
  9. 4rth wall jokes are now more canon than ever. (~8:20 If that hoof placement isn't intentional, I don't know what is.)
  10. Dash is still reading Daring Do books!
  11. fancy pants in Ponyville?!  Also Pinkie Pie is best beard! (~14:30)
  12. Pinkie broke ALL the PHYSICS today, including gravity and rules of fermionic behavior, (assuming her constituent atoms are also perfectly copied)
  13. just like subsequent reflections in a mirror facing another mirror, the copies diverge from true pinkie-ness the more times they duplicate. The mirror didn't copy Pinkie's memories or friendships either.
  14. Most fun watching paint dry ever!
    1. the FACE...
    2. Pinkie fingers? Lyra's jimmies be rustled!
    3. -orange frog returns!

Anyways, what were your favorite parts? Let us know in the comments!