Friday, February 15, 2013

Nightly Megathread #138

It's the epic battle that never gets old, no matter how much you want to deny that...

Twilink Sparkle vs. Princess Ganlestia...

I would tell you how it ends, but I respect not giving away any spoilers without warning, mind you...

We're just mere hours away from the Season 3 finale (based on the time of this post, I guess) and you would be lying to yourself if you say you do not have some form of excitement for it...

Anyway, on with the NM!!!

Goodnight comics

Undead-Niklos says Goodnight! by ~Undead-Niklos
And I say goodnight as well.
Have a bunch of comics. The header is a new part of the series, by the way. Click it.

Season Finale a multi-parter?

That's what Meghan just tweeted. Does it mean the finale will be continued in Season 4? That would be the nastiest cliffhanger ever...

Music at "whatever your local time is"

Quite a lot of House music this time. I'd imagine Sapphire Shores being into this kind of music.

174UDSI So Many Wonders (174UDSI Remix) House
canapplejack Ascension Metal
Error404 Filly Love House
GatoPaint Feat. EileMonty Lost On The Moon ( Rock Cover ) Vocal Rock Cover
Joaftheloaf Epic Discord 8-bit tune
Mush Sweetie Bot Synth
Phony Brony Nostalgia Instrumental Electronic
Stratum Gem House
Super Ponybeat Raise This Barn (Hoedown Mix) Eurobeat

Game: Trixie's Black Cat Slot Machine

We have a new game this time for you to waste some time with.
~sparklepeep was inspired by *PixelKitties' recently posted Friendship is Magic Gambling Machines
and, well,  made a working version of Trixie's.
Make sure to visit their dA pages and find the game here after the break.

Interview with Tara Strong at The Mary Sue

The Mary Sue interviewed Tara Strong about Pony, the fandom, an upcoming series she's part of and some more.
Especially the first part is interesting as she tells about Twilight's future in FiM.
That should clearify some of the rumors. Go read the entire interview here or go past the break for the most important part of it.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #169

Well, E stole my header. But I found a new one pretty quick.

GetGlue "Magical Mystery Cure" Sticker

Look what just popped up. As always, GetGlue released a sticker for the new episode.
In case you didn't know what to do with those: "Check in", unlock a bunch of stickers and get physical copies of them.

Find the new one over here.

Luna's Revenge?

So, I heard there's an asteroid called "2012 DA14" that might eradicate us in about half an hour.
At least it's supposed to pass earth within our moon's distance.

Is Luna angry about something? About getting so little screentime? About Twilight stealing all the spotlight even after she briefly showed us her Necronomicon? About running out of moon cake after the Chinese new year celebrations? Or about "that upcoming movie"? *dodges projectiles*

So, assuming you just found out about becoming vaporized in half an hour, how would you spend those last minutes?
Drop everything related in the comments below.

New comic covers!

These two new comic covers have been shown on on their IDW May 2013 solicitations article. There's also a short synopsis for them, so check the article or find them here after the break.

Season Finale: EW spoiler video

Entertainment Weekly just released a new preview for the finale. Get some more spoilery moments here on their article.
WARNING. It shows a song again.

EDIT: Now embedded after the break as well.