Monday, December 3, 2012

Nightly Megathread #65

Uhhh... Twi? I think you have been studying a TEENY TINY bit too hard... Now, why not join us for a megathread tonight to calm yourself down? This way, past the break.

Simple game with Pinkie Pie

Well, a new game has popped up once again... and it has Pinkie! |play it below the break|

Hub Post Magic Duel on Their Website

Such Grace, Your Highness! by *DocWario

Even her face plants are graceful!
- Photo Finish

Anyway, you guys interested in supporting the very people that provide the populous with eye-popping pastel ponies? Looks like Hub has started to regularly post their new episodes, so if you feel like re watching the episode, which is totally deserves it, ahead on over here to see the madness again! Just think, you're ever so slightly increasing the show's budget, and you don't even have to look at the ads! It's like donations but easier!

Mega Music Post #22

Trixie isn't a music fan.  Which is too bad, because we have plenty of music in store for you  after the break.  So, do you like music?  Don't be a Trixie.  Just hurdle the break, and trust me, your ears will thank you.

1.) Applejack's Daydream
2.) ViFFeX-Through the Clouds
3.) Basto-Again and Again(Gravey Remix)
4.) Bad Seed (Applejinx acid ska house remix)
5.) For Pinkie Pie, Something Pink-DJ Luna
6.) BronEstep-In the Name of Democracy
7.) StormWolf+WoodenToaster-Fruits of her Labour(Doofcake remix)
8.) Super Smash Ponies-Twilight Sparkle
9.) Timeless Destruction (DJ Chaos Light Edit)

Rainbow's Trail

Are you bored like 'ol Lyra here?  Need something to spice up your life?  Then why not try the latest in game technology Sylrepony has come up with?  It has Dash, and flying, and clouds, and you should probably check it out.  Since that pesky break is the only thing keeping you apart, why hesitate?  It's waiting for you.

Comics : Too Evil / Trust / gonna love this

Have some comics. We got harsh realities, wheels..., and nostalgia overload!! Read em' after the break!

Artsy #75

Yes you did Twilight... Yes you did and I'm proud. ...(awkward pause)... What? It's kinda expected of Pinkie Pie at this point, but not Twi.

Anyways, more art after the break!

GalaCon Volunteer Signups Are Open

Do you want to go to Germany? Do you want to help out with a brony convention? Kill two birds (Or turn them into oranges) with one stone (Zap). The people over at GalaCon are looking for volunteers to help with the convention. GalaCon will take place at Ludwigsburg, Germany, on August 3-4, 2013. Go here to get more info on Galacon and the signups for volunteering. Go past the break for some copypasta. 

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #74


Pinkie is no longer the only one among us who defies physics and breaks the 4th wall, ladies and gentlemen. More art after the break.

Music : The Great and Powerful Duel / Hide and Seek / Dash's Final Flight

Have some music. We got one featuring Trixie,  a very nice vocal, and ending with a Rainbow Dash song based of a fic. Listen to em' after the break!

1.) The Great and Powerful Duel
2.) Neighsayer - Hide and Seek (feat. Feather)
3.) Chapter III: The Crystal Eye of Celestia (Dash's Final Flight)

Ponification/PMV : Bad∞End∞Night / Inspiration / Twike♥

This morning we have some very well made PMVs and ponifications for you. The first one is a ponification of "Bad∞End∞Night", the second one bares a strong resemblance to PMV Dork, and the third a PMV featuring Spike and Twi. Watch em' after the break!

1.) [PMV] - Bad∞End∞Night
2.)Inspiration (PMV)
3.) Pøṧt¢αґds & Ṕøʟaґøi∂s ~ Twike♥ {72Op}

Animated short: Forgiveness is key.

Have an animation on how magic duel should have ended. Go and watch it here or after the break.