Saturday, May 18, 2013

Music (5/18/13)

Have some more music that found its way onto my list.
I shortened the first song's genre. Instrumental Progressive Thrash Metal was a little too long.
Also, Rhyme Flow's song here was commissioned by someone.

Crimzon AE Dethurge Instrumental Metal
Crystal Slave Duality Electro
Cyphers Wolf Redemption Dubstep
ImTheMoon 1000 Years Instrumental Piano
Legendary Equestrian Space Vol 2 - Fortitude of steel Ambient Industrial
MC Flowny TARDIS Trigger Rap
Michael Pallante My Parasprite Vocal
Seventh Element Daring Do and the Lost City of the Sea Ponies Orchestral
Slyph Storm Stripes and Spells Vocal
Valentyne Bourtsev Octavia. Dead and Unforgiven - Resolution. Orchestral
Ziran Destroy Her Dubstep

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #256 + Comics

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Have some playful CMCs. Scootaloo looks good in the air, doesn't she?
There are some cute Fluttershys here, too.