Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nightly Megathread #177

*a few hours ago*
Radiogenicpony: Okay... Who's going to do my Nightly?
FPLOON: *raises hand*
Radiogenicpony: Anyone? Hyper?
Hyperdudeman: *playing on 3DS*
Radiogenicpony: Sleep?
SleepToFade: Uh... I don't do Nighties...
FPLOON: *continues to raises hand*
Radiogenicpony: Anyone? Anyone at all?? *pauses and sighs* Fine, FPLOON... *under breathe* Gak...

Derp She Is!!

Yes... It is THAT reference... and yes, it was going to happen at some point... (If you don't get the reference, then now's the time to know...) Click here or go pass the break to see it for yourself...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #208_2

Almost forgot about this. Shame on me.
Also, I got an "exclusive" WIP sketch of Alasou's next work... It will be so awesome.

Art for your evening.

Rarity vs. Giant Crab

For some time now, there has been fan art of Rarity about to battle against a giant crab... It wasn't until I heard this battle theme for this fight that it got me thinking of the most simplest question that probably has a simple answer to go with it... Who would win in that fight? Rarity or the Giant Crab?

Then, as I thought harder on this subject, I thought up a few more questions...


Twilight reporting in. Comics acquired and secured.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #208_1

Cloudsdale sure is impressive like that. Hidden in thick clouds, only accessible to Pegasi, Griffons, ponies with steampunk aircraft, augmented ponies with glittery butterfly wings, Pinkiecopters...
Yeah, it used to be more exclusive.

First bunch of art for you today.