Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas The Nightly Megathread Before Christmas

Oh... Hi, there... "Didn't see you there..." This is Joseph Houser, and tonight, we're kicking off this celebration early with a pre-Christmas party in the comments below! Even if you're a lurker and never actually comment, I implore you to comment this ONE time... Don't be shy... Fluttershy and I won't bite...

Since this is still a Nightly Megathread, there are videos and stuff to look at after the break, as usual, but the main focus here is the pre-Christmas party in the comments... And, this is where FPLOON will meet you there (while I stay here and wait til FPLOON needs me...)

Comics: A Little Horse #2/ Wheel Wish You A Merry Christmas/ Doctor Whooves - Christmas Special

A new version of a comic we posted, rimshot, and the Doctor Whooves Christmas Special...

Comics after the break!

Game: Applejack Episode!

Please, AJ... You're my favorite earth pony...
Good News: Applejack gets her own episode... and, thus, her own spotlight...
Bad News: Other background ponies, like Derpy and Luna (even Sibsy), are trying to steal Applejack's spotlight...

Keep Applejack in the spotlight as long as possible by getting rid of the other ponies... Click here or go pass the break to play...

Comic: Masters of Disguise / Here Comes Derpy Claus / SNOW

I used to make ice tree thingies with my yelling too... but then I took a Rarity to the knee... and a ice sickle. But enough of tragic ends to adventuring! There's comics afoot!

Comic: It's Something / Truly Outrageous / A Little Horse #2

Oh Derpy, the most feared Red Baron of the lands. Some say you will never even hear her coming. Not like that would save you if you did. And while Derpy wreaks havoc and anvils upon Equestria, you can look at comics!

PMV: Extraordinary Merry Christmas Everypony :) / Hakuna Matata / Spike's Cap Zone

Mmm Hearts Warming Eve or Christmas Eve, whatever you want to call it, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT WE CALL IT! What matters is our plan! And that's to give PMV's to you!

We've got a flashy PMV for the holidays, MLD: Hakuna Matata PMV, and a Spike filled Sonic 3 BGM!

1.) Extraordinary Merry Christmas Everypony :) (PMV)
2.) My Little Disney: Hakuna Matata
3.) Spike's Cap Zone

Fanfic: A Season of Giving

A Season of Giving by JasonTheHuman

It's almost Hearth's Warming Eve, and everypony is looking forward to spending the holiday season at home with their families. Everypony, that is, except Scootaloo. Her two best friends are about to learn that sometimes friendship is the best gift you can ever give.

Slice Of Life

Artsy-Wartsy #100


Twas the day before Christmas
and- HOLY ****! 100???
It's a Christmas miracle...

Enjoy your presents, everypony!!

Bronies for Good Charity Livestream

The bronies For Good Charity had a live stream chock full of interviews from Sibsy, Amy Keating Rogers, and Lauren Faust! It's 7 hours long though, so if you have that kinda time then lay your ship ashore on this video.

Music: Raise This Barn / Picture Perfect Pony / Crystal the Snowmare

A cover of Raise This Barn by MandoPony, Picture Perfect Pony, and Frosty The Snowman ponified!

1.) Raise This Barn - The Unexpected MandoPony Cover
2.) Picture Perfect Pony By Mando Pony [Feat. EileMonty] {JanAnimations Ver} MP3 DOWNLOAD
3.) Crystal the Snowmare - (Frosty the Snowman Ponified, SkyBolt, LooneyChick09, and DarkPhoenix98042)

Comics: Destruction time!/ A present for Twilight./ Applejack's Heritage/ A Dash of Logic/ Good heavens,just look at the time.

Cthulhu, presents, logic, and time... VARIETY, I tell you!!!

Comics after the break...