Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nightly Megathread: Rarity Edition

Now, I know what you're thinking... And yes, this header is fabulous...

"Now, go past the break, darling..."

Discord's Domain Invades Your Interwebs!

The time has finally come! Discord's Domain now has an active site on Twitter! ...Sort of! We've finally figured out a way to link the blog to Twitter so that it makes a tweet automatically when we make a blog post! The Discord's Domain facebook page may become active in this manner soon too, though there seemed to be a problem right before this post was posted. So get your popcorn ready: sit back and watch the  mayhem as this little blog starts to grow its roots out into the rest of the web! Savor the Discord as we run around like decapitated chickens (No Scootaloo joke?! S#!t just got real!) fixing bugs and issues! Discord's Domain's Facebook, Twitter, and other pages can be found here on the blog's "Contacts" page. You can also access this page at the top of the main page of the blog.

Edit: Direct link to twitter - https://twitter.com/DiscordsDomain

Also, with more active Twitter/Facebook/etc pages it might help out to have a few more mods, so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities!

Derpy Dilemma Discussion

(from here)

A bit of a more serious discussion today folks, but also likely to be very thought-provoking, so read on after the break.

Or, if you'd prefer just a short and simple discussion topic, what is your favorite FiM merch that you'll probably never be able to obtain? Lot's of people on other sites mentioned the San Diego Comic Con Derpy Hooves... I guess I'm lucky in that respect, and anyways, any of the plastic toys can in theory be created, or even improved, with a 3D printer... But I'll probably never be able to obtain a full set of those trading cards! Such price for what is essentially cardboard! ... On the flip side, What's the favorite FiM swag have you obtained?

MOONSTUCK Dub Part 4 , Plus Other Media

I love these Moonstuck dubs. I can't wait till they have them all dubbed, but until then, have part 4 of this amazing series. We also have a demonstration of a working Fluttershy and Angel Bunny crank up model, demonstrating the love they share for each other. Also it seems the makers of My Little Portals are in need of some help. Watch em' all after the break! 

Fanfic: Shame at the Checkout

Comedy Random Slice of Life

"While Rainbow Dash is an avid Daring Do fan, she has no merchandise outside of the books to show for it. Now, staring at a 'Daring Do' wallet, she contemplates whether or not to purchase it. In doing so, she hopes to overcome her phobia of publicly expressing her love of the "childish" series.
Will she succeed? Or will she be humiliated?"

A hilarious quick read that will give a chuckle to anyone who has bought a pony toy in public, bringing back memories of their traumatic unique experience.

Read it here.


Slightly extended synopsis for Apple Family Reunion

An updated synopsis on Episode 8, Apple Family Reunion, has been released on TV guide. If you have seen the other synopsis, there really isn't much new, except AJ is a he again. Go on past the break for the spoiler.

Slideshow Gallery #2: FiM Title Card Project/ Wallpapers

In case any of you haven't been seeing my Artsies (AND WHY WOULDN'T YOU!?), one brony artist has been making title cards for every single episode and we're showcasing his work here! That's not all! We also have a plethora of wallpapers from another artist, so prepare to stuff your wallpaper folder with even more pony. See them both after the break.

Music: Seventh Element / Beware of Sombra / Melodosis / Anthropology

More music for you this fine Afternoon after the page break! And for the record, the seventh element is actually nitrogen.
  1. Seventh Element - Pinkie's Acid
  2. Beware of Sombra (Beware of Darkness)
  3. Melodosis - Magically Delicious
  4. "Anthropology" (Colt Version - Version 2) by Philsterman01/10

PMV/Trailer: Pony Trek Into Darkness / My Little Trek Into Darkness / Rainbowpie / Anger

Tv-Watching blank stare right there. Internet is better than television anyway.

"We sell PMVs and PMV accessories."
... ...
Yeah I'm bored. Anyways here are some ponified trailers for that new Star Trek movie, and some PMVs too. Personally I'm more excited about that other movie, Pacific Rim. It's probably going to be mediocre, but GlaDos. Therefore it wins by default.

  1. Pony Trek Into Darkness Trailer 2
  2. My Little Trek Into Darkness (Trailer)
  3. Rainbowpie - Shake it!
  4. Anger

MLP: RPG Housing and Graphical Updates

   MLP: RPG has gone through some pretty large updates, including a full graphical facelift, personal housing, and the inclusion full library of songs! Above is the full trailer for MLP:RPG.
Go past the break to see a video demonstrating the updates of the game and a HUGE list of info on the game. Go here if you wish to download the game.

Gimmicktees Now Selling Brony Shirts

  Gimmicktees is an online shirt retailer. They feature one new design each week, and this week it bronies. Available for just $15 and free shipping within the U.S.A. in 6 color choices, BLACK, GRAY, RED, BLUE, LIGHT PURPLE, and LIGHT BLUE for one week only through midnight, Sunday December 23rd (pacific time). It's only available for one week, so get it while it's lasts! 

I also love the descriptions these sites give for MLP apparel. 

Brony: A name typically given to the male viewers/fans of the My Little Pony show or franchise. They typically do not give in to the hype that males aren't allowed to enjoy things that may be intended for females. Additionally, female fans are also now adopting the term "Brony" as a better alternative to "Pegasister".

Anyway, go here to get in on this merch,

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #94

Um... You're supposed to look at art in order to enjoy it, Pinkie. Watch these people as they go past the break and LOOK at the art.

Meghan McCarthy hints at song for Saturday's episode

It seems Meghan McCarthy is hinting at a song for next episode. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN! I'm hoping for an AJ song. We will see next Saturday! Check out her Twitter here.

Comics: Lightning Dust Origins / Fix it / Raindrops Falling On Her Head / Forward Progress / Sticky situation!

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got the origins of Lighting Dust, Fix It AJ, something most of us were thinking, a very VERY sad comic, and Twi the perv. Read em' after the break!