Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Slideshow Gallery #2: FiM Title Card Project/ Wallpapers

In case any of you haven't been seeing my Artsies (AND WHY WOULDN'T YOU!?), one brony artist has been making title cards for every single episode and we're showcasing his work here! That's not all! We also have a plethora of wallpapers from another artist, so prepare to stuff your wallpaper folder with even more pony. See them both after the break.

FiM Title Card Project by Jowybean

After months of blood and sweat, it is finally complete...  Well, until the next episode airs. At least he is finally caught up. Expect more from him! But for now, let's see what he has already.

Wallpapers by Tzolkine

So many choices... Aw screw it. I'll take all of them.