Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Comics: Lightning Dust Origins / Fix it / Raindrops Falling On Her Head / Forward Progress / Sticky situation!

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got the origins of Lighting Dust, Fix It AJ, something most of us were thinking, a very VERY sad comic, and Twi the perv. Read em' after the break!

Lightning Dust Origins by *CSImadmax

This one was sad, but the last panel made up for it.

MLP: Fix it (Commissioned) by *tan575

Congrats, Dash! You're the new  Eeyore.

Raindrops Falling On Her Head

The paint on blind bag model ponies just washes right off.

Forward Progress by ~Couch-Crusader

....This one doesn't have a funny last panel.

Sticky situation! by ~CIRILIKO

Seriously Twi!? Why are you even looking in the first palce!? That's your brother!