Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nightly Megathread #11

Apparently its my turn to do the nightly, so have nightly stuff... It is the 2nd anniversary of MLP FIM so put on your party hats and lets *phone ringing* *picks up phone* oh hey Joe *telephone chatter* Yeah I got time, hold on one sec... |head on below would ya|

A Final Twilight

Twilight! Announcements! Lack of Pinkie! Only one thing is wrong with this! Watch now!
Swatteam serious mode: Apparently the guy is quitting music to join the army, go over there and salute him or just praise him for making epic music in general.

Trig Rant Discussion - Some New Ideas

Saddle up. We've got a long road ahead.
Daring Do military uniform by DolphinFox

It seems some of you have lost faith in my loyalty to Daring Do over the best pony poll. Is writing a rant about her and having her as my avatar not enough? Oh well, if this header plus my next Nightly Megathreads doesn't prove my allegiance to best pony, I'm not sure what will. 

Anyway, I want to talk about my rants and some features we, as a community, could add to them and make them more enjoyable. Yes, I need YOUR help! More on everything after the break. 

Modern Family features ponies

Anyone here watch Modern Family sometimes? No? Just me? Ok... 
If you look carefully next to this guy's butt you can see our very own Princess and her faithful student.

Birthday post #2

You know... I've been thinking... My past self would believe anything... Like, if I told him what I would be doing in the beginning of January of 2011 that would, eventually, lead up to this very moment in time, he would look me straight in the eyes and say... "That is SO AWESOME!" and "Why are you telling me this now instead of beforehand?" Anyway, with only one Birthday post so far, I was able to fix that with a second post... After the break is a video... Enjoy?

Music : Jail fever blues / Alone in the Rain / Snortle at the Swagga

We got even MORE songs today. If your Ipod explodes from to much pony, don't blame us. Watch em after the break.

1.) Octavia & Vinyl - Jail fever blues
2.) Alone in the Rain
3.) Snortle at the Swagga

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #4

Who needs needs fingers when you got class?
HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, F.I.M.! 7 months ago, if you told me that I would be running a blog dedicated to pastel colored ponies with 7 people I met on the internet, I would have told you to go find a mental hospital. More art after the break.

Fanfic: And then there was Robotbob...

 By: ExorcistSword
[Sad] [Comedy] [Slice of Life] [Alternate Universe]

"I never get my own fanfics..."
Should we really ask for stories about ourselves? Some take that request very seriously.'

It's about damn time I get my own fanfic. You have my deepest thanks, ExorcistSword! Check out his masterpiece here.

Comic Post #7: Connecting with Nature / The First Time / Even Silly Bad Guys Need Fans

Thank you for the two years of pony! Here's to many more!
Thank You For Two Years! by iBringThaZelc

Has it really been two years? Well, 9 months for me. Hopefully the pony phenomenon will transcends all timelines of human existence for all eternity!... or something like that. Below, we've got some comics. One of them includes a production staff member, how fitting!

Music : ANEMOMETER / World of the Changelings / Dance Some More

                           Have some music while we wait for more news. Also, look at the mini Luna.

1.) Sim Gretina - ANEMOMETER
2.) World of the Changelings
3.) Dance Some More

More Methods to Submit (and New Contacts)

Bored with the usual old ways of submitting stuff, made traditional on EqD? Well, after the break, I'm going to tell you a new way of submitting your stuff, and give you some links that'll help keep you in tune with this site and the rest of the brony community!

(This post will later be updated to a tab alongside "About EQM", with a few more contact that we will update on when they appear...)

Lunch break for Swatteam and Pinkie!

Back in... sometime in the future.

MEGA music post: Synthesia / The Moon Rises / Rainbowlicious / Running of the Leaves / Daring's Choice / Clover's Odyssey / Memories of the Mind / Trixie / Princess Celestia / Dash at the Gala / Friendship / Octavia

You aren't dealing with the average music post anymore. It has risen above, and became the legendary MEGA music post. In the post, we have 12 songs for you to listen to. This post has vocals, orchestras, piano covers, even Kazoos! If you got what it takes, listen to them after the break.

1.) Yourenigma - Tavi and Scratch - Synthesia
2.) The Moon Rises - Dramatic Interpretive Cover
3.) Lunatra - Rainbowlicious (VIP)
4.) Running of the Leaves (Back in the USSR)
5.) Nightmare Lyre - Daring's Choice (Original Song)
6.) Carbon Maestro - Clover's Odyssey (Orchestral Version)
7.) Memories of the Mind -The Piano Pony Album
8.) Trixie - ByCelestiasBeard
9.) Princess Celestia - ByCelestiasBeard
10.) Dash at the Gala (Wonderbolts mix)
11.) Friendship - The Piano Pony Album
12) Octavia

Comic Post #6: Drop the Bass / The Clock / Do it again / Kindergarden days 7

Also starring Pinkie Pie as Navi.
The Legend Of Zelestia: A Derpy To The Past by ~LeGoLoCoguy

I just played about 10 hours of Zelda yesterday, so I'm in the crossover mood. Derpy's mane works fantastically well with Link's hair. Not to mention, as the hero of time she can get some aid from Dr. Whooves. But enough about the header image, that's for first grabbers! Comics after the break. 

Pinkie Pie Hacks Google!

Or at least someone going by the name of Pinkie Pie. A teenager going by the alias of "Pinkie Pie", has achieved a full Chrome exploit at a hackathon, which should win him a $60,000 cash prize. Read more after the break.

PMV/wut? : Good Morning, Spitfire / Everypony Talks / Pony Trip

Got some PMVs today! Well, one is for sure. The first one is actually an animation with Spitfire. (Warning)                 The second one is a PMV with quite a bit of shipping. And lastly, we have an extremely weird one. I don't know how to describe it, except these ponies are derped beyond repair. For some reason the video is becoming extremely popular. Get derped after the break!

1.) Good Morning, Spitfire
2.) Everypony Talks PMV / LyraBon
3.) Pony Trip

Birthday post #1

Happy 2nd Anniversary of MLP:FIM! This is the first of many birthday posts to come. Up next we have an awesome two year anniversary song and a TF2 MLP parody. Enjoy!