Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nightly Megathread #142

I've been replaying some Kingdom Hearts lately, and stumbled upon this picture... That's the short answer...

Anywho, NM AWAY!!!

Explore Ponyville - An Interactive Animation

Well, would you look at this? A neat little interactable world with tons of home made, show accurate animations for you to find. I'll make this quick, because I want to jump in and see everything just as much as you do, so find it here!

Random Media: Just Can't Wait To Have Wings / Favorite Sorter / Go Away / Derpy's Scientific Adventure

That certainly looks like one heck of game. Anyways, random media sighted beyond the break. Full speed ahead, if you please.

Comics: Goodnight, Sweet Princess / Lyra Has No Shame / A Surprise / Twilight's New Wings / Radioactive Carrots! 4

Afternoon comics, unless you live on Jupiter (Oh, and Australia). Catch them after the break! >implying they're going somewhere

Mane6 Speaks

Mane6 has released an official response to all the questions about the recent C & D order. Check it out here. It seems they haven't completely exhausted their options but they're not getting their hopes up. They do say this isn't the end, though. Did they take up Lauren on her offer? We'll just have to see.

Crowdsourced Q&A: Ardail

Discord Domain will have a very special guest amongst us this Wednesday: Brony artist Ardail.  If you're unfamiliar with his work, his Deviantart can be found here.  So, since we're going to interview him, why not have the community decide the direction we take it?  That's right, it's once again time for the commentators to decide the questions.  So drop any questions you have in the comments section, and tune in Thursday for the first of what we hope will be many artist interviews!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #173

Did I become too picky? Anyway, enjoy the art that made it through my fiery filters of erasure.

Pokémon Re-enacted by Ponies

Remember the epic Lord of the Rings Re-enacted by Ponies?
Now Jacob's Movies did the same thing with Pokemon.
Guess who impersonates Brock? And I guess you already sense which old joke has been picked up again... In a good way.

Watch it after the break. It's definitely worth your precious time.

Yep, it's time for music again.


Arvianth Almost There Orchestral
EileMontyVA What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me (Cover) Vocal Cover
Freewave I've Got to Find a Way (Dream House Remix) House
MEMJ Celestia's Ballad (Cover) Vocal Cover
Mogul Dash Ballad of Wonders (Over-Remixed Edition) Instrumental
Restrained Madness Ambition Vocal Rock
Sonic Breakbeat Stargazing (Original Mix) House
Stargazers Final Sundown Alternative
TheDashDub Catching Fire (Philomena's Ashes) Instrumental
UndreamedPanic Other Side Of Everfree Chiptune

Games: Applejack's Horseshoe Toss & Twilight's Book Game

After you recovered from the heart attack an hour ago, have some simple and fun games.
The first one is a classical horseshoe toss game with Applejack. And no matter how bad you might be at this, she will look happy and her face will say "Just try again!". Sweet...

The second game is about Twilight's books getting into a mess. A horrible thing for Twilight, the OCD-struck unicorn. Help her sorting the books in a neat alphabetical order. It's more fun than it may sound, really.

Both are made by ~Drud14 on deviantArt. Nice work.

Find some embeds after the break or click the pictures above for direct links to the page.

Fluttershy's thoughts on GalaCon 2013

Have a ridiculously cute animation, that I totally approve of, to start the day.

JanAnimations, known for highest quality animations, made it as some kind of promo video. Within two days.
Featuring Fluttershy's official German VA Julia Stoepel. So, it is in German. But there are English subtitles of course, don't worry.
It's been a long time since I last heard that particular voice...

Without further ado, enjoy our German version of Fluttershy!
Click the picture above or watch it after the break.