Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Comics: Goodnight, Sweet Princess / Lyra Has No Shame / A Surprise / Twilight's New Wings / Radioactive Carrots! 4

Afternoon comics, unless you live on Jupiter (Oh, and Australia). Catch them after the break! >implying they're going somewhere

1. Goodnight, Sweet Princess by ~Faikie

Ponies, scarred for life.
2. [Comic] Lyra has no shame by *Austiniousi

You tell 'em Lyra! I never wanna gwow up! *goes back to playing with legos*
3. A Surprise -Gift- by ~Zztfox

Hidden blocks. I refuse to look at a guide to find them. That explains why it took three seasons for Twilight to get her wings.

4. Twilight's New Wings by ~Pimmy

Twilight is a cannibal. She almost got the taste of pony feathers...

5. MLP Season 3 Finale: Trollestia Strikes Again by ~TinyOtaku99

6. Radioactive carrots! 4 by ~CIRILIKO