Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nightly Megathread #63

Twilight vs Trixie by ~Godoffury

You guys ready for a magic duel? We may have gotten some crafty thinking from Twilight, but who is the true magician? You decide! Find out how you can change the outcome of this battle below...

My Little Pony: The (abridged) Mentally Advanced Series Ep 12

It has been over a year since they made their last abridged episode, but they have finally made episode 12 of
 The (abridged) Mentally Advanced Series. Watch it after the break!

Music: Babs Seed / Puddinghead's Parade / Babs Seed

Perform a Bloomrush on the Scootacastle!

Anyway We've got a cover of Bad Seed. Or is it Babs Seed? I'm not even sure anymore. Anyway, and some chiptune for Chancellor Puddinghead, and more Bad Seed/Babs Seed.

1.) Babs Seed (P1K Cover) feat. Meelz
2.) Puddinghead's Parade [Original Chiptune]
3.) Babs Seed - eXtaticus Eurobeat Remix

Comics: Stained Glass Windows / Equestrian Globetrotter / Item Buff / Incognito / Magic Duel / Easy Money

Great and Powerful Lightning by ~ThunderElemental

Twilight's magic should exclusively exist to pump out oranges, if only to spite Applejack. She should start her own business and colab with the Flimsy Brothers. Speaking of Trixie (this segway is actually legitimate), have some comics! Spoilers for episode 5 pretty much throughout the entire post, Egghead!!

Discord's Domain on Babble with Bronies

Missed the livestream? Want to hear half the blog6 and co. answer questions? or just want to relive the interview? Then watch the 30th episode of Babble with Bronies directly on this site.

Episode 5 follow up

It is time for another episode follow up! Past the break you will find screen caps and notes of stuff you made of missed. Please feel free to post your own screen caps and notes in the comment section for anything you noticed.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #72


The second Artsy of the day is after the break.

PMV: My Little Dreamworks: The Trail We Blaze/ Somewhere In Brooklyn/ Olympic Gold - Ken Ashcorp (My Little Pony: FiM)

What do Dreamworks, Bruno Mars, and Ken Ashcorp have in common? They each have their own PMV after the break... Check them out and see for yourself...

1. My Little Dreamworks: The Trail We Blaze
2. PMV - Somewhere In Brooklyn
3. PMV l Olympic Gold - Ken Ashcorp (My Little Pony: FiM)

Babble With Bronies - Episode 30

Just as a reminder, some of the mods here at Discord's Domain are going to be interviewed on "Babble With Bronies"... So, if you want to hear how it all goes down Live, then click right here!!! It starts at 4pm EST, which is starting... NOW... So, why are you still reading this? Go check it out, yo!!

Official Limited Edition Pony Prints On Dec. 7

Do you like official merch and art? The people over at Dark Hall Mansion , produces extremely high quality, limited edition screen prints for collectors, will be releasing limited edition, officially licensed My Little Pony Christmas prints on Friday, December 7. Hit up their Facebook Page  page for more info, or go here for a more complete article. 

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #71


She's just waiting for the right moment to strike... I just know it... I mean, LOOK AT HER! You can see the evil in her eyes...

More art after le break.

comics : More Bang For Your Buck / The Magic / Cries

Have some comics. Most of them are Trixie related, with the exception of a Carrot Top comic. Read em' after the break!

Magic Tool

Have a nice little animation on the wonders of magic editing. So many possible uses...

Trickster Duel

Poor Pinkie... Her mouth was taken away and there wasn't a thing she could do about it...
Or was there? Check out the animation here or after the break.

New shirts and tunic tank tops at We Love Fine

It looks like We Love Fine has once again added more shirts to their ever growing collection. They got some cool mules, Sweet magic, CMCs,  Luna mooned, and VEGGIE SALAD! Along with the shirts, they have also added some tunic tank tops featuring each of the mane 6. They feature the color, cutiemark, and even the tail. Hit up their pony section to see them all.

Comic : The Great and Powerful Countdown part 5

It is almost here. Are you ready? Because I am not. Who knows what amazing treasures or horrors this episode will bring with it. Just a little while longer...Oh, and read the comic here.